[REVIEW] SBCD Korean Tofu House – Healthy Choice of a Korean Meal

Great news for chaps who loves korean 순두부찌개(Tofu Stew) and working at the CBD district!
SBCD Korean Tofu House has finally set foot in Singapore with their first branch located right over at Tanjong Pagar Centre.(directly above Tanjong Pagar MRT station)

While we all know that BCD stands for Buk Chang Dong, the additional S in-front does meant for Singapore. SBCD Korean Tofu House specializes in a variety of Korean soft tofu soup.
The Chef mentioned that in order to uphold the kitchen philosophy of serving uplifting and complete meals, every soontofu dish is created with soft and silken tofu that is hand-made fresh daily; where he would start the process of making the tofu daily at 7am.!
(I guess that explains the price for the stew)

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Global Wow Korea Supporter 2016 Day 5 (1) – Hanbok Style in Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁)

I’m sorry for the late entry guys!
teehee…I have my reasons behind it (read on and you’ll find out! 😛 )

On the last day of the #WOWKorea trip, we had the option to choose what we would like to do for the morning!
Though it might sound funny, I had decided to repay a visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁) this time round wearing Hanbok instead.
(I guess one will never get bored wandering in the Palace getting some nostalgic feelings~)
 Right after our breakfast, we met the local WOW Korea Supporters(Mavis & Leesan) who will be joining us for the walk too~
We had a short walk to Insadong from our hotel to pick on the Hanbok we would like to try! (Leesan looks so excited~ ha)
 I had a quick search on Naver regarding Hanboknam while we were on our way.
Looks like Hankboknam is listed as one of the local favourite Hanbok-wear rental shop due to the reasonable price with a wide varieties of Hanbok choices to choose on. Continue reading

[Review] Winter Jacket Rental with Seinustar @ Incheon Airport

While reading news on Naver during Nov’16, I came across this new service from the korean company, Seinustar, where they offer fashionable clothings  for tourists whom are travelling to Korea.

What makes the rental process at ease is where all you need to do was to click and ‘order’ the rental service, pick it up after your arrival in Incheon International Airport and return it back at the airport after your trip has ended.
(The process reminds me of the rental egg wifi services back in 2012. 😛 )

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Global Wow Korea Supporter 2016 Day 4 (2) – Suncheon Bay National Garden (순천만국가정원)

Suncheon is being known as one of the world’s top five coastal wetlands and the most well preserved coastal wetland in the world, there is no doubt that Suncheon get the chance to host the World Garden Expo back in 2013.
Due to great responses received during the event, the government decided to preserve this natural habitat and turn this place as the National Garden in 2014.

Even though it’s not my first time coming to Suncheon Bay but personally felt that it still looks pretty with the different season flowers.
Not forgetting that the companion plays a part too! 😀
 Our guide explained that the entire garden houses over 505 species of tress, 113 species of flowers. If you would like to stroll around the entire garden comfortably, it might take about 4-5hours.

Right smack in the middle of the entire garden, you’ll definitely not miss view of Bonghwa Hills.
This unique hill/mountain-look-alike design that was done by British horticulturist, Charles Jencks’ where he mentioned that “The Start and the End of the path will NEVER meet.” Continue reading

[Sponsored Review] Bioderma Sensibio Range for Sensitive Skin Saviours~

Hello Bioderma Sensibio~

I’m lucky that the samplestore has been nice to send me this new range of Bioderma Sensibio for a trial.
To be honest, I had heard so much raves over the brand (especially Bioderma Sensibio H2O) but I have never dare to give it a try due to my skin condition.

Being a REAL sensitive kid since I was born, I had faced tonnes of problems whenever I tried on new products. (Yes! Even for korean products though I love them to bit~)
Thus this was part of the reason why I wasn’t willing to try new products once I had found ‘the one’ for my skin. But after trying this range for a week, I’m glad that no big issues had appeared for me though. 😉
(the reviews below are opinions from me for my skin. You need to understand your own skin condition as well~)

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