Shilla Duty Grand Opening at Singapore Changi Airport

Hooray to travellers who are travelling from Singapore/transit-in Singapore!

Shilla Duty Free(Korea) has finally launched right over in our little red dot right over at Singapore Changi Airport.

Shilla Duty Free will be available in all 3 Terminals.
(Note: Shill Duty in T3 will only be completed in June’2015, which includes Dior Makeup Flagship store,SK-II Pitera Spa Services and in-house Beauty Cafe)

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Korean Wine

 Makgeolli(also known as Makkoli or takju), often known as “Korean rice wine”, is the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea. It is made from grains such as sweet rice, regular rice, barley, wheat and malt, which gives it a milky, off-white color, and sweetness. It is made by fermenting grains and mixed with water, and is about 6–8% alcohol by volume.

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치맥(Chimaek) Session over @ Chicken Up

Chimake was introduced to me back in 2011, where I had my very first session along the side of Hangang. (LOL!!)

I COULDNT RESIST THE TEMPTATION after that very first session!! LOL~
I never know that fried chicken would taste soooooo good with a cup of icy cold beer; plus there were SOOOOO MANY different types of KFC(Korean Fried Chicken) available in Korea too!! (Read more HERE)

FACT: DO you know that Chimaek was origin from Daegu? Chimaek Festival is held over in the city yearly in the month of July(Summer season. HERE)

But Chimaek wasn’t even popular till…

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