Little updates~ :D

Hello people!

Its been quite sometime since I have a proper updates over here since I had graduated.
To be honest, I was contemplating if I should close down the blog and the page as I was busy with my personal life, business and also trying to keep up to date with what I love about Korea.

But after having a serious thought for sometime, I had finally decided to come back!
(I guess my love for Korea Culture is deep within me? 😂)

I’m thankful for some of you readers sending me message and emails at times and keeping my blog hits on the go~
At the same time, I had decided to close down and shifted back here due to some maintenance problem.
But fred not! The blog will be revamp and up running soon and more exciting updates and treats to be given back to you guys!😘

Meanwhile, I’m paying a visit to the Korea Way in New York City!!
The environment feels so much as if one is back in Gangnam area!😍😍😍

Meanwhile, stay tune for more updates!😘

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Korean Bar Restaurant in Hongdae (조선주막- 홍대 Hongdae Branch)

During my last trip to Korea, I have decided to spend more time meeting up with old friends and having some me-time with a couple of drinks and food instead of traveling around with a pack schedule like the previous time though.

An ex-manager of mine suggested to have a drink over at 조선주막.
조선주막(JoSun Jumak) is somewhat a little like a bar-restaurant that serves some nice food to dine along with your drinks. (HA! yes, it’s somehow like the chinese 下酒菜)

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Bibigo 2015 Top Favourites Dishes Around The World

Talking about cravings, my mum was talking about dinning again at Bibigo a couple of weeks back because she missed their Kimchi soup,and I happened to received a media tasting invitation soon after!😛

While it is pretty easy to locate Bibigo outlet as they were usually located in the heartland mall, it was a pity that the outlet over at Nex mall had been shut down recently though. But rest assure, I heard something special is coming along the way though.🙂

Back to the food!
This time round, we were introduced to try on their the ‘Global Best’selection by the votes and high demand of orders from the country as well.

We started off with one of the ‘Global Best Appetizers’.
 Fried Mandu with vegetables in spicy sauce Continue reading

MERS Situation in Korea

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is an illness caused by a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).
Major symptoms of MERS would be:
– Fever or hyperthermia over 38℃
– Cough
– Shortness of breath

Well, I’m pretty sure many of you had heard about MERS spreading like wild-fire in Korea right now. I have friends and relatives asking if it is safe to travel there for a holiday since it’s the school term break.

To be honest, I wouldn’t advise to do so unless you are travelling for work purpose or couldn’t get a refund ticket/cancel the trip. (okay.. I admit i’m a kiasi person.. =/ )

Just a short posting, even Korea Embassy of Singapore had also posted a note regarding this issue (read here), stating that there is no travel advisory against travel to the Republic of Korea as well.🙂

Just in case something happens or you ain’t feeling well, do keep a copy of the hotline numbers below for references too!

▶1330 Korea Travel Hotline
– Language assistance (English, Chinese, Japanese) / 24-hours (open all year round)
– Suspected cases or inquiries of significant cases will be answered by the staffs and guided to hospital with foreign language services
▶MERS Hotline for Tourists: dial 109 (from within Korea)
– Operating hours: 24/7 (free of charge)
– Language assistance in Korean and English

Meanwhile, stay strong Korea!