Chinese Oldies~

I just want to share Hyuhyun’s version of 新不了情~

Totally mesmorised in his vocals. I bet many couldn’t believed that I replayed this song for the entire day! *haha*

No No, I still love Park Jung Min; don’t get me wrong. =P

But I love to listen to different range and people singing the same song. Of course, it’s very common to do a small comparison here and there; but all of these are on my point of view~ ^^

Many commented that I don’t look like those who loves oldies; but in fact, many were wrong!
I love oldies, which shocked my mum in the past.
I can clearly remembered that my very first favourite oldies is by 彭佳慧 – 旧梦.

If I didn’t remember wrongly, it was consider as the “HIT” song at the point of time, where I was only at the age of 8years old? *laughs*
I still remembered that my mum got so worried that I would turn “old” too fast, and decided not to play those songs in my dad’s car!

Afterall, I believed there’s no age gap in music! It’s..just the general and favourites from the person I guess.

teehee. Shall end off with Park Jung Min’s Forever Love. ^^



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