2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic

Well, I believe skaters who paid attention to the bidding of 2018 hosting city would be as excited like me.

First of all, congratulation to South Korea, Pyeongchang, to be the next hosting city!!!

Yeah! This give me another reason to fly over for the entire month to enjoy the games! 😀

Being the 2010 Single Ladies Gold Medalist, Yuna Kim, had volunteer and did up a final presentation for the bidding presentation that was held in Duban.

I love her speech!!

Well, true enough; South Korea was recognized all along for their speed skating events in Winter Olympic. She was the first lady to bring home the Gold medal for Single Ladies event for Figure Skating.

PS: She was the only hope for Korea and the hottest news in town too!!!
(and wuri Leader is a fan of her too!!! xDD)

(Her SP-Short programme (007 James)  and her FS-Free Skate during 2010 Olympic)

ah huh. Now I’m getting even more excited. Next Olympic would be in Sochi (Russia), where the Ladies & Men singles would be a fierce battle.

Yuna Kim/Asada Mao/Nagasu Mirai/Alissa Czisny

Patrick Chan/Denis Ten/Takahiko Kozuka/Artur Gachinski

I’m awaiting~

2011Asian Figure Skating Trophy (CN) / 2011 Skate America/ Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating

Gonna be overloaded with Figure Skating in Sept! ^^



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