Faith, Love

Well, Jayesslee was in town during the weekends! I didn’t managed to catch them live in church, but my friends did. ^^

Like I always believe, everyone has a story to tell in their life; be it a happy or sad story.

But there’s always something that would strike and keep ones going. It’s up to you to believe what is the “matter/thing” behind it though. ^^

Well, I wouldn’t say Im a truly devoted/faithful christian. But I do believe in my own prayers, bible reading and silent time with God. I don’t preach towards my friends either. I only believe truly that if one’s is ready to understand God’s word, I wouldn’t mind sharing it with you. (=

To me, there’s no use preaching the words, making the others feeling irritated and wrong ideas of Christianity though. Well, it’s just a few words and thoughts from me. ^^

Alright. Shall end this post with the all time favourite from the girls; Officially Missing You (Tamia).

*btw, the girls are korean! heehee~
check out their YT channel here ->



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