Those were the days in SA~

I was having a ‘clean-up’ session with my HDD and guess what I found!?!?!

Student Ambassador Committee Photoshoot

Most of them are my senior and this wasn’t really my team when I was in the committee.
But hey! They were the seniors who guide me(or rather us) through the tough times, the activities etc..

I’m always thankful that I had chosen the right CCA back in my polytechnic days. At that very point of time, I was still wondering if I had chosen the right path. I’m glad I did. ^^ 

Taking a big step to join this CCA was already a big challenge. I had never thought of entering the committee, taking up the role as External Event Ass (mentor). Nevertheless, I had overcome many challenges and activities with my fellow mates and the ‘younger generation’ of the ambassadors; be it the camps, school events and collaboration with the external organizations.

hahaha! Of course, not forgetting the days where we spent hours/overnight in school for the camps/events preparation as well. Totally burnt out!!

Of course, this is the place where I met fellow buddies too. *thankful*

The younger generation and my little mentees~ ^^

Thankful, and I’m still grateful for the choice~

Thank you SA. Thank You RP~ ^^



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