Beauty Tips~ ^^

Friends who knows me long enough would know that I’m actually a lazybum in taking care of my skin. =P
(that was in the past~)

I used to have good skin complex in the past. It all started 3years back where I start to learn doing & working on make-up; some famous brand actually ‘destroyed’ everything.. )=
It took me about 1.5years back to actually mend back everything though; but I’m glad those effort & tips from my mum works. =P

Shall share with you girls my Top 5 tips over here~ ^^

1 – Never sleep with it!

NEVER ever FORGET to REMOVE your make-up before you sleep!
(According to studies, leaving make-up on your face overnight would not only clored your pores; but you would age 10days faster as well!!

What make it worst is that, you would have break out immediately the moment you wake up the next day!!!
(you wouldn’t want this to happen if you have an important function/date to attend hur?!)

PS: If possible, try NOT to the make-up last more than 12hours on your skin. Your skin needs some air to breath as well! ^^

2 – Keep it clean

Don’t be lazy, Make sure you wash the make-up brushes at least ONCE every week/fortnightly!
You can wash the brushes with your facial wash, soften the brush with your hair conditioner.
Keeping your tools bacteria-free would not allow your skin to have infection that easily. [=

PS: Lazy to use a foundation brush? You can use make-up sponge instead! ^^

3 – It’s coming~~~

Feeling “heaty” and something is going to pop out from your face?
Grab an ice cube and wrap it in a thick cloth, hold and press it on the ‘suspected area‘, on and off for 10-15 mins.

4 – I want it small small small !!!

Having big pores problem and looks freaky ugly(like me) when applying make up?
Fred not!

Before you start slapping your make-up onto your face, place an ice-cube over a thin layer of cloth and rub it over your face lightly. Clean and dry your face up with another clean cloth. Your skin should be feeling much tighter now; and it would be much easier to apply your foundation.

PS: NEVER rub your face just with the ice-cube itself!! The coldness of the ice-cube would damaged your skin cell instead!!

5 – I don’t want to befriend with PANDA

okok..this panda is way too cute not to befriend with..

What I meat was dark circles~ (below)

eh.. tips on this?
a- Rest early and have at least 6hours of sleep each day!
(if possible, sleep/nap in bwt 11pm-2am. This is the ‘crucial’ time where our body system needs a break; be it you’re tired or not!!)
b- Cold Cucumber slices would do a soothing effect on the eyes.
(apply it once a week?)
c- Drink MORE than 8glasses of water each day
(yes, 8glasses of water is just the minimun a body system needs for hydration.)
d- Eat more fruits and vegetables
(hate vegetables? replace it with the fruits! ^^)

Shall head to bed now! I can see my Piro waving at me!

Goodnight folks! ^^



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