2011 Dinner & Dance [SuperHero Theme]

Time really flies!

I was selected to be part of the committee in my department to dress everyone up for this year’s Dinner & Dance; which made me realized that I had been working in this company for about 14months!
(eh..consider as my first ‘official’ job ever since I graduated from polytechnic?!)

Well, the theme for previous year was much easier : Back To School.

This year, it was set as SuperHero~
Well, we tried to be a little special; coming up with plan consisting of Super Heros, Villians & Nuke Workers instead. *haha*

Of course, I chosen to be a villian.(easier to dress up!ㅎㅎㅎ)

a little peep on the make-over!

Everyone says I look fierce. LOLS~

Taking a look when I’m in Kimono!

(I looked like some girl attending some cosplay event instead..><)
And thanks so much to Eustacia, she was the one who help me to tie up the kimono bow~ (btw, she’s married to a Jap guy! ^^)

But I’m 忘恩负义,trying to kill her instead.. haha!

Look at my DD(Deputy Director)! So cute huh!? 😀

This is 아저씨~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Spotted a lazy-bum Spider-man.


How about killing the Ninja?!

CUTE! Imagine your department all dress up as Super Mario! xDD

Oh well~
Let’s have a look at the best dress of the night! ^^


Not going to get into further.
Shall end the post here! I just got to say, I’m really having fun in the D&D.. ^^

*and it finally ended!! hooorayyyyy~ *



2 thoughts on “2011 Dinner & Dance [SuperHero Theme]

  1. Sabina

    sorry do you know where you get those decorations? I’m trying to hold a superheroes party for my bf’s bday haha.Please email me 😉


    1. yyann


      Those costume is from some rental company while the deco, most of them we got it from the local Daiso mart. 🙂


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