Don’t Say Goodbye~

This song just randomly rang into my mind today. The rhythm of the song just keep replaying non-stop.

Don’t Say Goodbye [KR]

동방신기。Dong Bang Shin Ki. TVXQ.Tōhōshinki.東方神起


Yes, I listen to these boys music before falling in love with Double S501. Sorry to say, but I seriously had enough rantings from people saying who(DBSK/SS501) whose better in this and that.

Seriously, is there a point arguing over these issues?

The main purpose of the music was to enjoy and share around!
No doubt, I got to agree that DBSK can really sing well! Face the fact and reality
I’m not saying Double S can’t sing alright?! Everyone improves as time goes by.

The only thing was that, DBSK did had better training and facilities compare to wuri boys at that time.
(yeah right. SM entertainment; loads of ‘benefits’ and of course, causing the split of the boys as well. =.= )

**Shouldn’t we be thankful that our boys ain’t facing such issues instead? Just my 2cents worth though~**

Back to the boys.. Their accapella was simply ‘heaven‘ !

忘れないで(Wasurenaide) [Jpn]

Bolero- Live [Jpn]

DBSK – Acapella collection (Fanmade)

Ain’t their voice good?!
Now tell me, who wouldn’t resist replaying the song in your mp3 even if you ain’t their fan! ^^

Of course, they doesn’t sing accapella songs only.
They were good in dance songs too!

Purple Line [KR]

Mirotic Live @ KBS [KR]

Not convinced?
Listen again with the MR(Music Removed).. Without the music, you can hear it clearly if they were singing/lip-syncing!l!

MR – Purple Line [KR]

MR – Mirotic Live[KR]

Get what I mean now?
It’s always good to share GOOD music. (=

No doubt, it’s going to be a tough time for these 5dudes to be back on stage together as one.
But I DO HOPE they will, someday, somehow. (=



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