[Food Review] Lunch at Chicken-Up

Short post review.

I was over at Tanjong Pagar road for some work purpose and was craving for some chicken.

Walked passed Chicken Up and decided to give it a try with my colleagues instead of 2D1N Soju Bang set lunch. =P

 (photo credits to: friendly-flavours.blgst.com)

It was quite empty and we were actually the first bunch of customers walking into the restaurant!? =X
Got ourself settled and looking at the menu~

(the male boss was looking at me, thus I decided not to take any more photos of the menu.. (T.T)

They provide set lunch & dinner special set meal!~
Can’t really recall on the dinner part.
For lunch, It costs S$10.90, which consists of a drink, plate of jjajangmyun with chicken cutlet & a triangle kimchi rice.


We decided to grab a set each and ordered a plate of YangNyum(korean style of sweet & spicy sauce) chicken to try.
*no photo of the free fresh salad & kimchi triangle rice as we were hungry!! =P*

FYI, salad is free flow~ ^^




While waiting for our food, we were entertained by the korean variety (was actually Infinite Challenge) on the tv~

Told you, the place was very cosy.. ^^


But we got a shocked when the plate of jjajangmyun came….

The serving was hugh!!!!!!!!


The noodle taste like those typical instant noodle, but it was rather nice as it wasn’t really that salty..
And the moment the lady boss served our chicken, I nearly fainted.

9 freaking big chunk of chicken!?



I almost died after eating those chicken even though it does satisfy my cravings for KFC(Korean Fried Chicken). =X

Oh yeah. I heard Chicken up was available over at Jurong Point as well? (heard that JP was a franchise shop)
But I guess I would still pay a visit to the one over at Tanjong Pagar shop again. ^^


Chicken Up Resturant
48 Tanjong Pagar Road
#01-01 S(088469)
Tel: 63271203

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun: 10am – 3am

Jurong Point Outlet
1 Jurong West Central 2
#03-42 (Stall 12) Jurong Point Shopping Centre S648886




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