Happy Birthday Singapore! =)

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore~ ^^

(photo credit to: DanBoard)

This is the day where everyone in Singapore would love to celebrate together.

The country where we were born and raised.
The country where we had our education.
The country where we love one another, regardless of the different races living together.

I love you Singapore!!!

Gwen & I rushed down to Orchard Ion right before 8.10pm to take our pledge and singing the National anthem with pride~ ^^

Talking about National Day song; Shall post my Top 3 favourite MV for you people. ^^

Kit Chan 陈洁仪 – 家

(I believe this is an ALL TIME favourite by most of us. =D)

Tanya Chua – Where I Belong

I really love this song as it always reminds me where I’m from. I’m serious!

National Day 2006 – Kaira Gong – My Island Home


And of course lastly, not forgetting ShiJia unnie! ^^
(I’m proud that she managed to sing a song for Singapore!)

I’m thankful to be in this country even though I do complains at times~
Somewhere you’ll always be safe in.

Thank you Singapore! 



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