The Ice 2011 [Japan Figure Skating Charity Show]


Japanese figure skaters & the media had gathered together and held a skating charity event at the end of July’11.

Of course, Mao Asada & Takahiko Kozuka wouldn’t passed the chance to shower back their love, back to the Japanese victims(during the March earthquake) by giving their best performance as well.



PS: I couldn’t find the original message that Mao was talking about, but a nice japanese translate it on the video you youtube instead. ^^

“In this spring, we had a big incident in Japan. A big earthquake.
Unfortunately much life was lost, and there are still many suffering people.
What we can do for them? I was thinking over and over. And I realized that what we want is make people enjoy our skating and get well.
I want to send our biggest power to the Tohoku district.
May Japan will be full of smiles for 100, 200, and 10,000years later.

Bring power to Japan!”

The japanese really have a different way to love & care their people. (=


Some of the videos that The Ice organizer had posted on their Youtube Channel .

Mao Asada (浅田真央)


Takahiko Kozuka (小塚崇彦)

(he’s my favourite among the japanese skaters! *teehe*)


Qing Pang & JianTong


6 handsome dudes for a dance. ^^

(Adam Rippon, Takahiko Kozuka, Takahito Mura,Yuduru Hanyu,Florent Amodio, Charlie White)



(I told you 小塚崇彦 just has that charm. HAHA!)


It simply feels so different to attend an Ice Show and competition.

I was telling my mum that I MUST attend at least 1 Ice Show in my life! Be it in Korean or Japan! ^^

Looking at those videos, I’m starting to miss my competition days already~
Those time where I literally dragged myself up as early as 5am and starts trainning at 6.30am in that dam freaking cold rink~
Those were the old days filled with memories where the bunch of skaters had our share of joy & tears training together..

If only Singapore had that Olympic size rink built by 2009 as promised~

Shall stop thinking and heading back to sleep~ ^^



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