Coconut & Lemongrass Custard Tart

Did I ever mentioned that I love baking?

Many people I know were surprised that I love cooking & baking, yet I doesn’t look like one.
So, never judge the book by it’s cover alright!?


Headed over to brother’s house last weekend to try out his recipe.
He’s quite an ass because I’m there to do everything while he “supervise” and give tips to me instead.
(My brother is exactly like me! We love to cook & bake in the middle of the night instead. HAHA!!!)

Well, it’s a good experience since I had grabbed some baking tips from him. I baked everything from scratch! Even the crust~

8 yolks for the custard, 2yolks for the crust. Now you know where all the calories comes from.. =P

Self-maded crust~

In the process~

The cooling part.. Looks pretty huh!?

*TATA* The final outcome. ^^

I’m kind happy with the results though.
Parents were happy with the tarts as it brings a little “thailand” taste feel in it due to the strong lemongrass taste in it. ^^

Shall share the recipe here :


Short Crust Pastry Tart Shells
250g flour
125g butter
100g sugar
2 eg yolks
2 Tbps cream

– Mix flour, butter and sugar and rub them together to get a coarse sand texture
– Make a well and drop the egg yolks in before resuming the rubbing
– Make a ball of dough and test it by pushing it across the table
(it should form a nice spread. if not it is too dry,so add the cream to moisturize it)
– Put into moulds and blind bake for 15mins at 180x
– Brush with a beaten egg yolk and bake again for 5mins

Coconut & Lemongrass Custard
350ml milk
150ml coconut milk
8 egg yolks
120g sugar
3 stalks lemon grass
4 Tbps desceated coconut (roasted)
Few drops of coconut essence (optional)

– In a bowl, whisk egg yolks with sugar
– Wash and cut lemon grass to fit the sauce pan and smash the bulb of the plant
– Boil the coconut milk,c ream & lemon grass
– Add in the descecated coconut and simmer for a minute
(this is the crucial part. make sure that it’s really 1minute!!)
– Pour cream over the eggs and whisk to combine thoroughly
(if the coconut taste is weak, add coconut essence 1 drop at a time to taste)
– Strain through a fine sieve to remove lumps and cooked eggs
– Pour into the tart shells and baked at 125c for 15mins

Shall share again IF I had the sudden urge to bake/cook again..



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