Super Junior [슈퍼주니어] – Cho Kyu Hyun [조규현]

Well, I know I’m a little S-L-O-W to start enjoying their music.

Super Junior leh!! (T.T)

Oh well, I just got to admit that I’m always slower compare to the others. 慢3拍~
Even my mum can recognised 11 out of the 13, but her daughter can only recognised 5/13.

*hands up surrender as I failed horribly~*

So I guess I don’t really have to introduce much about them to you guys alright huh?!

They were having their comback recently and I decided to pop-in and listen to their music. ^^

Super Junior – Superman + Mr Simple

Music Removed (live version)

The rhythm of the song is catchy and it actually rings in my mind a few times after I had listened to it.


what caught me off guard was 1 of the lead vocalist, Cho Kyu Hyun, the maknae of the group.

I’m totally immersed by his vocal!! 
I start searching songs that he sang under the influence of good friend Genevieve.

7 years Of Love

Love Again

Listening to You

Blessed with a strong vocal that would ring a bell, just like Jung Min, which makes me fall hard when I start listening to those songs that he sang before.
I guess there were too many dudes in the group; dummy like me would have some hard time to recognise and eventually lose interest in them though. (laughs)

But SM (SM Entertainment) were clever enough to brunch out Super Junoir – M, which consists of 8 members to target the chinese market; starting off from China due to the raised of the popularity of SUJU in mainland.
(and this is where I start to realize the ‘existence’ of the group and this maknae on 费哥‘s Variety Show – 綜藝大哥大)


On Show Luo’s 娛樂百分百


And I managed to find the raw version of his 沒那麼簡單 as well..


Do you have the 心酸的感觉  (“sour” feeling) after listening to his version instead?
Seriously, I was caught by surprised of his vocal. I guess it’s really a little hard to compare as everyone has their own limits in it. ^^
Nice one Kyuhyun, you managed to squeeze up to number 2 in the list. =D


PS: no no no. I still love Park Jung Min. Park Jung Min. Park Jung Min !!!!




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