Saying “I Love You”

I can’t think of the write title for the post, so pardon me for it.

PS: First, I got to clarify that this would be a very wordy post, so if you were to find it boring, feel free to move your cursor to the top right hand and click ‘X’ to exit. (=

I’m typing this entry with a mixed emotions. Thus, please pardon me on any errors as well.

This morning, one of my close friend mother had passed on at the traffic light in the cross junction which seperate both our house.
But I guess that very cross junction would no longer hold a good memory for her & her family.

I tweet-ed in the morning when I was on my way to work; feeling very uncomfortable when I saw the accident from a distance away from the traffic light looking at the ‘blue tent’ that was held up. Deep down in my heart, I was praying for the victim & the family, praying that the lord would give them peace & strength, hoping everything would be fine.

Nevertheless, I was browsing my facebook during lunch and saw the status of my good friend wrote : “I miss my mother.” And right on the spot, I received a text from my clique that this particular friend of mine lost her mum.

My heart sank at the moment. The cheerful aunty that I always greeted when I go to her house & whenever I saw her at the market near our home was gone?!

I double-checked with another friend on the news and indeed it was true.

Upon reaching home, the very first topic that my mum brought up to me was the same situation that I had saw right early in the morning. I broke the news to her & she got a shocked and sat on her bed, stunned for a moment too.
As what people always said, ”人们往往都在失去过后才懂得珍惜“,but I wouldn’t agree much to this point for now. She treasured her mum, but the news was just too sudden. Her mum was just merely on her way to work like any other days.

Message to _ _:

I’m truely sorry to hear the news. It’s going to be hard for you & your family. I’m missed your mum dearly as well. We had been friends for 9years and we had seen through each other’s way of treating our parents with our own way of love. I believed your mum knows your heart for her. Stay strong girl; even though I know you couldn’t do it for now. 

Always remembered, She’ll lives within in you forever. (‘=

Dear Aunty,

I believed that God had kept you safe in his hands.

Even though I didn’t get to see you often ever since I had graduated from secondary school, you’ll still metioned about me to _ _  from times to time, and making me laugh whenever I see you somewhere near our neighbourhood. I still remembered & thankful for your thoughts for those few cute fruit cream tarts that you randomly pushed to me to keep it for my breakfast few months ago when I saw you near our house!

Those laughters; jokes that you had created will always be remembered. 
And you’ll be missed dearly from me too. 

I’m always keep you in my prayers as well. (‘=


This issue made me realized the situation that  I had no longer say “I Love You Mum/Dad/Sister” verbally ever since I’m 14; No matter how much I love my parents, my siblings and the people I treasured around me.

I know, those 3 letter word might sounds a little weird to be spoken out randomly due to the culture in Singapore; but it does meant a lot from one’s heart.

But I guess I got to start learning to voice out verbally once again before it’s too late.

Praying and hope that everyone would be safe, and treaured your love ones well. (=



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