20 Facts about me

Just a random post update from me. ^^

1. I love my chinese name dearly. Thus if you dont know how to pronounce it properly, I rather you don’t say it. (=
2. Anything related to rainbow colours are L.O.V.E.D. ^^
3. I like simple stuffs. 俗语说:“简单就是幸福” (=
4. Family & Friends comes before me.
5. I’m simple mind-ed and extremely S-L-O-W in understanding on certain issues.
(yeah, especially ‘funny’/recognizing people.)
6. I played Chinese Orchestra music for 12 years. =O
(Main instrument 柳琴,  Sub in: 中阮)
7. I have very poor memory and can be quite blur at times too. ㅎㅎㅎ..
8. I have very good patience; but if you managed to make me snap, it must be something serious.
9. I’m a polkadot freak! xDD ㅋㅋㅋ!!!
10. I h.a.t.e empty promise-s
11. I love cooking & baking!!
12. I might look dreamy, but I’m actually quite realistic. I think at least 3 steps before making a decision.. =S
13. I detest sticky food!!! (eg. Lor Mee / Brinjal etc..)
14. Even though I’m FAT, I can do split !! =P
15. I always believed in this quote “Dream.Believe.Achieve.
16. I believed in hand-made items rather than expensive gifts.
17. I N.E.V.E.R believe in Love at first sight. (LOL!?)
18. NEVER place your hands on my shoulder if you doesn’t want to be slap.
19. Figure Skating is my passion; same goes for Wedding Planning. ^^
20. Never judge the book by it’s cover describes perfectly on me.



5 thoughts on “20 Facts about me

  1. SY


    Awwww, I feel special having you put my name under blogroll with a huge heart shape beside my name! xD Vera wang has nice dresses but i think when i get married, mine needs to get custom made or something. Haha!


  2. yyann

    hahaha! how & when did you find out!?
    No intention to make this blog very open though. =P

    Well, no worries! In fact, all wedding dresses needs to be alter at least 2-3times.. xDD


  3. 3. I like simple stuffs. 俗语说:“简单就是幸福” (=

    this is very true about you. Though i don’t know you very long but well… by gut feel, by instincts! just a feeling. 🙂


    1. yyann

      haha! thanks, wonderrrgirl..
      Well, it true actually.. I mean, it’s nature that human grew materialistic & wants more as we grow older, but at the end of the day, it’s always those simple things that we missed out made us feel happy/happier. ^^


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