Kim Hyun Joong The Face Shop Asia Tour 2011

I know it’s been almost a month since the event ended; but still, post to keep it as memory? *teehee*

Once again, I’m still thankful for Val언니 for the ticket to to event! ^^

Teehee~ Shall share partial of my fancam & photos taken for the entire day! (=

PS: Warning, shaky fancam due to the pushing from the crowd. It was really horrible! Imagine I’m on a 4inch heels and I still got stepped, pushed & leaning against like a pole.  (-.-“

Some snap shots from Causeway Point TFS Store Opening

Looking up to see the fans on 2nd floor~

*Hello Hello*

HAHA! He got a shocked when the ‘Lion’ threw caggage at him..

*amazed look*

Rushed over to RWS for his fanmeet once he left causeway point. Indeed an experience for both unnie(s) and me!
Imagine we got to reached the venue before him!? (@.@)

Thank goodness we managed to reach in time and get a good spot for the snaps. ^^

He’s happy to receive a trophy from Singapore!! ~ ^^

Snap shot with MC(ah Ken from fm100.3)

Lucky fans to have a photo shoot with him. Anyone familiar in here!? ^^

Choosing TOP few favourite presents from his fans.

Lucky winners from the Charity Bidding of his items~

Look! He’s in doubt to be happy when he spot a boy fan?! xDD *ㅎㅎㅎ~*

Of course being the ‘fan-girls’ for a day, we wouldn’t miss out the group shot as well~

crazy me with the backdrop` haha~

Trina & me

Head over to Ramen Play for a gossip session and mini-celebration for Trina! Lucky girl to have HJL to ‘celebrate’ her birthday with. ^^
(reminds of me celebrating with PJM this year!)

We continue our ‘sharing’ session over at Coffee Bean and guess who we saw!?

Yes! The TFS CEO~

Apparently, we had a mini small chat with her as well and heard a little stories here and there. Nice lady and we were thankful for them to bring KHJ over to Singapore.

Well, even though I didn’t have close contact with him; but I bet this experience is more than enough for me. ^^
So much more than previous year I suppose?

Great memories & thank you HJL for stepping on this litte red dot for the 2nd time!
Glad that you had an enjoyable stay and hope you’ll always remember the beach walk~ *HAHA*



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