Happy 21st, Tan Yong Ming!

We had a blast celebration over in one of the Suite in Swissotel last Saturday evening with my lovely TCP Production casts & crew memebers~ ^^

Of course, the main lead for the night goes to..


I couldn’t believed that I had known this crazy dude for almost 5years, thanks to the production~
(yea, he looks familiar?! One of the child-actor from mediacorp & he’s still on and off from the screen every now and then. 1st guy that I know who can really 演哭戏。。)

Basically, his girlfriend booked a suite and we were invited there to ‘mess’ and have fun~ ^^

The first thing that attracted me once I stepped into the room was –>

HAHAHA! *sooo cozy..*

While the others roam around freely in the suite, I went off the balconey and have a good feel of the wonderful scenery of wuri Singapore City~

*JM & Leader stayed the hotel opposite us! While Suju(Super Junior) stayed the hotel I was in for the night*

I was practically LOL-ing when I see my office building from the room! *HAHA*

Let’s see… I couldn’t stop laughing at this but is was indeed a “clever” & new way to make your drinks chill~

Catch your show while you relax in the tub~ *bubbleeee bubbleee*

Well, the bathroom wasn’t my favourite corner. If only you had seen my tweet…

I ONLY screamed in excitement like a kid the moment I see this~

Had our 1st round of food spree & multiple rounds of fun~

Cute little couple~ ^^

2 mediacorp kid-actor/actress

As The Night falls Deeper ~ ~ ~

Our cute artist manager drew this on the Ipad~ ^^

My ‘happy face’ in the team! ^^
(he say he’s happy to take photo with me on the bed!? (-.-“ )

Disturbing dude yet he’s my Executive Producer/Post-Production Manager~

Branding & Marketing Manager/Internal photographer.
(and he’s my first male on the list in Kakao)

Bunch of disturbing dudes bullying the 1 and only poor NSF. *HAHA*

another pair of cute couples in the team~

cute little Joyce.. another little dongsaeng I dote on~

2nd round of food spree & cake cutting session~

Pretty food tart-cake from Fruit Paradise~

Wishing both long last ~ ~ ~
I’m gonna be the one planning your wedding, dude! ^^

Nothing beats this prezzie!!


Happy Birthday Once Again, TYM!

It’s been my pleasure to meet you & the production team and be part of the family.

I wouldn’t say these 5years was a smooth sail; but we all managed to overcome it and make the prodcution survived! Look at the production team now~
No matter how busy I am, i’m always a call away and help you guys whenever there’s a need. I hope you had an enjoyable night and please be a SAFE driver!
(*you won’t want me this SALT to start nagging you alright!*

I hope you’ll always be like the sunflower, happy & cheerful! Happy 21st once again! ^^

-love you always, 
yyann the SALT~



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