Love it or Hate it!?

I bet Kim Kyu Jong is the hottest topic in town right now, on the Kpop industry.

Frosting white hair, pearly white necklace & pink lipstick.

It’s indeed a big WOW, 360degree changes of his image on a Monday morning.
(even my mum joked that her little bear boy 长大了!(he had grown up!! ^^)

I would agree that this is indeed a big changes, yet a great marketing strategy from b2ment to promote him since he’s the last dude to release his own solo mini album.

Different people have different opinion.
Some think it’s too feminine, Some accept the changes and love it.
To me, it’s just an opinion where you can accept it a not.

Like what I had read on BB unnie’s entry (click here), I guess it actually depends on how each individual artist bring the image out of him/her. Let’s look at GD’s image :

Personally, I feel that it’s like a fashion trend.
It’s just either you love it, or you hate it.
But please bear in mind, Do Not bash/compare/discriminate artist themselves.
Its rather hurtful though.

What’s your say?



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