miss A Singapore Showcase

Yes! miss A had a showcase roughly about a month ago in Singapore! ^^

I was still pondering if I should give it a miss as I’m heading to Korea, but thanks to Emily unnie for the ticket; I got to see them ‘LIVE’~

We were early despite reaching the venue around 7pm? haha!

The ladies started off with their hit – Goodbye Baby

*pardon for the lousy fancam..was really sitting way too back and im trying my best to cover my ears away from those fans(esp the boys).. LOLS~

Pretty Fei~
I like her… ^^


I bet she’s the favourite among the guys..

And she did a solo english song by Stacie Orrico. (which I think she did a great job!)

My favorite, Min~ ^^

Jia &Fei

The ladies~

Well, it was Suzy’s birthday week, thus the organizer prepared a 3D handmade cake which costs SGD2,000 for her and miss A! (WOW~)

The ladies were extremely happy with Singapore fansand promised they would be back for a concert. I’m looking forward for theirs though. =D

Ending off with ~


The entire showcase ended roughly about 1.5hours?

But I think it’s a great performance from the girls. Next up would be SNSD, which I doubt I would have a chance to experience a ‘LIVE’ from them to see the difference. *HAHA*

Oh well, But miss A was really good! *thumbs up* for the ladies~ ^^



3 thoughts on “miss A Singapore Showcase

  1. 슈퍼스타

    i like suzy too. and her simple red dress. i almost wanted to get something like that too! but i really can’t help to wear myself wearing red! LOL!


      1. 슈퍼스타

        haha then i think it wouldn’t be nice if is a whole piece black. it will just look like what i always wear LOL!


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