Wedding Flash Mob @ Singapore Flyers

First, I would like to say :

“축하해 Aaron & Tracy!!!”

ahh yes, Aaron finally managed to propose in such a cute manner to her isn’t it?
Congrats once again! It’s really something worth to be happy for both of them~

And I can’t believe he went to learn how to dance like “SuJu” together with the help of the other 6guys.. *HAHAHA*
(PS: This is what happen when your GF is a ELF)

Well, I saw many comments saying that this is a spoiler in the market.
But hey dude! This should be a proper way of proposing to a girl! I mean, you dont have to be ultra romantic.

At least, there should be a proper way to propose and make it a memorable for both parties.

Oh well, i’m gonna end off with my favourite quote always for all couples :

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” (=



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