Reflection of 2011~

Life wasn’t really bad in 2011 I suppose?

I had no idea if I should post this lengthy entry like I used to be blog on for the past few years.
But I figure out that I got to in order to keep down these memories. ^^

2011 was a year which I had gone through not only the good and tough times, yet I managed to explore out and meet both the reality and dreams. I managed to get a certification for additional events skills, a job where many girls would dream to work as but hanging in the air because of many reasons.
Getting the certificate, understanding the process of the planning the entire process of a wedding is so much harder and different of what many had thought.
I’m very sorry that I couldn’t share too much details though; but what I’m very sure was, it’s really an enjoyable job even though its really a tough one.

At the same time, it’s a year which I allows myself to fall deeper into the fandom world,being a fangirl, both understanding and self-experience as a fangirl; which shocked many people I supposed. xD
Many people were surprised of my actions, or rather me being a fan-girl. =P
But oh well, it’s truely a good experience and of course not being those “오빠,사랑해”.. (if you get what I mean)

Getting involved in the Hallyu wave was instead an eye-opening. Not only that, I get to know more of the culture and meeting more new friends, both local and overseas.
Thankyu for the love you ladies~ ^^
You girls were great, even though the time spam I know you girls were short!
고마워요,언니(s),오빠(s),친구(s) etc…

Of course, my friends and love ones.
There are always bound to have a few to leave or would stay. But I would still like to say : “Thanks for everything!!
All of you contribute a little in any parts of my life! ^^

I have too many people to thank in fact. I’m so sorry if I miss your name. Just Ctrl+F and see your name alright?


Thank You! 谢谢你们的爱护。。 Goodbye 2011. (=

Just gonna post some photos here.

Thank you everyone. ^^



9 thoughts on “Reflection of 2011~

  1. oooh….! i spotted my name! thanks for mentioning me (us, in fact!)

    actually this year really did bring some of us ‘fangirls’ closer, ya? you know, i’ve always hesitated when using the fangirl label, coz i think there’re sorta varying degrees of fangirling, and am always afraid to be misunderstood as one of those fanatical or hysterical sort *sweating bullets*

    you know, i’ve always meant to ask you about the wedding planner part. i remember reading somewhere you had(?) a job as a wedding planner, but when i got to know you, you’re in a telco…? so i’ve always been a wee bit confused and more than just a wee bit curious, haha! tell me when we meet next time, k?

    anyway, like i’ve always said, fandom has its own strange ups and downs. and fandom allows us to get to know peeps from different places, people whose paths probably cross ours otherwise. so be it a good experience or otherwise, i guess it’s still nice to open our eyes to different sorts of peeps and different experience. from your blogging and tweets, it’s obvious you’ve met some pretty cool unnies in fandom and have enjoyed spending time with them. keke, hope that you too have enjoyed your time with us ^^

    happy new year~ may the new year bring you only good people, good things and good news ^^


    1. yyann

      haha! you’re welcome unnie~ ^^

      wedding planning was my eh..freelance.. thus you see i’m MIA at certain point of times as well though. we shall talk more about it next time when we meet~ And I just realized I didnt see you for quite sometime alrdy! =S

      Well, I finally understood the feeling of being label as ‘fangirl’ as well though. Yes, there’s really degrees of fangirling but people would just catagorize them as just a group to save the trouble. *shrug shoulders*. they will be able to see it through at times, but im seriously glad im nt those “오빠!!사랑해~” which my own sister had a PoV on them. HAHA!

      Fandom seriously opens up the world for me.. heehee.. and I do love the time spent with you girls too! ^^

      happy new year!! hahaha..wishes all the good things will stay while bad luck will turn into something better too to you too!! =D


  2. 슈퍼스타

    thank you. glad to be part of your recap for 2011.

    I can’t remember how we actually know each other. Any idea? haa. Its really interesting how we can actually be so comfortable among ourselves. And, need no say, the friendship doesn’t just come from simply idol-ing or because we are fellow fans. Glad most of us decided to step a little bit out and get to know each other through fandom 😉 Look like you enjoy lots of your 2011s. Hope you have a great and awesome 2012 ahead.

    Look like I need to find sometime to draft my part2. Just finish resolution. lol…


    1. 슈퍼스타

      forget to say, its going to be a brand new year for me to bite off all your polka dots againnnnn LOL!!! 😀


    2. yyann

      ^^… Love501 !! LOLS~
      and the first time i met you girls was through Kyu Jong’s birthday card project.. I remembered I was shocked upon entering Toms cafe and you asked if i’m yyann when I looked so lost and haven say a single thing!! *HAHAHA*

      oh yeah.. I never thought that friendship from fandom would be able to step a step forward as well in the past. But I guess I was terribly wrongly because I’m in part of it now.. xDD
      But hey! I’m glad all of us are enjoying the company of one another isn’t it?! xDD

      Let’s all have an awesome 2012 together as well! Im pretty envious you girls cause you all are gonna be Seoul Fun during Feb!! haha~

      PS: polkadots are precious.. Im gonna go BKK and stock up polkadots bags soon! hahahahaha!!!


  3. 2012 is gonna be a even better year BUDDY Oooo! Tangs for the card yo! hahhaha…

    anyways, 2012 is exciting because i am going to ORD! LOL!

    no la, for u, u are going on a solo backpacking trip , i wish can acc u, but…

    well, still, have fun and health will still be utmost important my dear bud 😀


    1. yyann

      love you pigu! ^^

      yeah! 2012 is awesome for you cause you’ll be able to get out of NS, and of course, getting back your pinkie.. =P

      solo backpacking is fun! you should try it one day on ur own too, im serious!! HAHA
      Hang on! 2012 will be a good one! and CNY is coming!! “Ah boy ahh….why never __________ “.. HAHAHAHA~


  4. On the road in my friend’s car traveling back to Seoul and I was catching up on reading friends’ blogs and I read your last entry for 2011 minutes ago. ^^ happy new year~ from the time I know you I can sort of tell it seems like your first time stepping into fandom, but in a short time span im glad you went to Seoul and experience a lot of fun plus meeting other fans as well. 2011 must have been exciting for you~ glad to know you in 2011 too. All the best for your dreams, future path and have a 2012 even more amazing than 2011. 🙂



  5. It’s really amazing how things turned out but I’m really glad that friendship bloomed along the way. I always like to think that fandom is more than just the idol, but the friends you make along the way. ^^ Thanks for always bringing us smiles and laughter!! And will never forget you and your love for polka dots! May 2012 be as awesome for you my dear!


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