Personal Review: Super Show 4 Singapore

This is my very first offical K-pop concert that I attended in Singapore.
I would say, the stage effect, the fanchants from the fans and performance from the boys were really fabulous.

I’m just plain lucky to grab the tickets with the help from my friend; even though I wasn’t even prepared to stand for 4hours. But still, I got to sacrific a little to enjoy, isn’t it? ^^
After all, it wasn’t really a torture as there’s still space for us to walk around in the pit. But I suppose we does look like hamsters running in the pit to have a better point of view of the boys.[from the point of view from the seated area. (laughs)]

Oh yea, I attended the concert with Carol, Trina & Alison. Alison got lucky to trade her ticket for a seated area though, thus we didnt have a group photo with here.

2 Kyuhyun bias VS 1 Sungmin bias

snowdrop lightstick, which Sungmin noticed and pointed to it while performing.. ^^

The boys started off with Superman –

credit: xinmsn, mykikiikyu4 YT

Fabulous isn’t it?! It was exactly the same stage as the Super Show 4 in Seoul I heard. WOW~
I love Walkin’ as well~
They even have treadmill on stage!

credit: gniloaix
PS: Look at poor Leader,leeteuk and kyuhyun’s expression (2:25 – 2:45)

Another water stage song would be A-Cha.

I guess if you ain’t a fan of SuJu, you might not really like the song but just as another dance song from them though.
This song holds a meaning because, it’s where I started to take notice of Lee SungMin, back in the Music Core in korea for their comeback last Oct. =P


Some other performance like

Mr Simple


Opps with Special Gust, f(x)’s Sulli & Amber

Of course, the boys not only perform in handsome suits.
They had a cross-dress and witty performance too.

VCR + Good Friend

(look at the ending, witty SungMin actually pulled up Shindong’s skirt!? xDD)

VCR + Do Re Mi

The boys have their each individual solo performance as well.
I would say, even though Sungmin is my bias, he’s isn’t in My Top 3 list for the night..=/

Take a look at my Top 3 solo(s):

1) ShinDong – Troublemaker + Bubble Pop

Cute, isn’t he? Shindong, you simply rock on! ^^

2) Henry (表白+Billionaire Song+Lazy Song)

Henry’s violin skills was simply amazing! =D

3) Zhou Mi – 不留纪念(Skip Beat OST)

Actually, I was surprised that his performance would attracts me as well. Maybe it’s live, I really do have the 鸡皮疙瘩 feeling on the spot while listening to his singing though.

And Super Junior M had a short performance w their chinese hit 太完美(Perfection) as well.

The entire concert lasted for 4whole hours with 36songs performed from the boys.
At the ending, they were thanking the fans and having a mini session of water games as well.
And this is the only great chance where I could snap as much photos as I want though.

Here’s a couple of photos to share :


Witty Sungmin. What a cheeky smile after Trina screamed his name for me.*LOLS*


Finally, the Kyuhyun (maknae) is gonna be splashed

Henry, Kyuhyun, Yesung

The boys bow-ing to thank the fans

Sweet thumb kisses from the 4 boys (Donghae, Henry, Hyukjae, Sungmin)



And I’m thankful for this 남자 on that night. (^v^)

But I would really have to give praises to the boys for the wonderful performance. Each and everyone of them really tried their best for fan-service to the fans as well. I was quite touched by Kyuhyun’s words and action on the night actually. He actually run throughout the entire concert, espeically to the restricted areas just to give the fans a better view of him. =)

Anyway, I made a few fan-friends?(or rather, min bias?)
Really got to thank 언니 for the lightstick all the way from Seoul.

What make things worst, she brought along my items, with extra(s)!!!

Thank you so much 언니..
It’s really my pleasure meeting you in person.
We shall meet again when I’m in Seoul! =)

Anyway, I will share my FA if I have the spare time to note it down..It’s just way too special fanservice from SM not to be kept.. *LOLS*
For a moment, I thought it was my illusion as a fangirl..
But Trina witnessed the entire process and told me NO, it’s not. *silly me*
Just pure lucky I guess. =P

Ending of with my most favourite song of the night from the boys.

Lovely Day

PS: Amazed by the fans love, the fanchants, the sapphire blue ocean in the stadium.

Will there ever be a chance for me to see, to experience in a sea of greens as well?



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