[Food Review] 食客 Shik Gaek Korean Family Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

By luck, I managed to chance upon this authentic korean restaurant during one of my JB Trip.
(They have an outlet at Tanjong Pagar in Sinapore too. It’s BBQ Buffet style instead.)

PS: This is NOT a sponsored advert.

[cr: 食客’s FB page]

I simply love the ambience of the restaurant. It always give me the feeling that I’m back in Korea as the lady boss is a korean, and a few of the staffs speak Korean too. ^^

Taking a look at the menu..
They have loads of varities ranging from Korean BBQ, a la carte dishes, korea hotpot, set meals and even soju too~~ ^^

(PS: They had a changed in their menu recently. The black cover is the latest menu; prices still remain the same though.. ^^)

As always, I would always aim the Korea BBQ Set meal for 2-3pax.
Trust me, it can shared up to even 4pax with additional 1 more sides, and its more than enough!! (>,<)
(if you dont like BBQ seafood, you can changed the seafood to pork belly as well)

Our BBQ pit. No worries, you will not have those smelly BBQ smell even after your meal; something which alot of people worries.

12side dishes will always be served before your food arrives. The side dishes varies from time to time though.
(I simply love their kimchi. *slurp*..and I’m feeling hungry while typing this entry!!)

Our meat platter for BBQ Set meal..

삼겹살 !!!

Kimchi Soup

This is a MUST order dish whenever I’m having a meal there. The taste is simply heaven. Even my friends commented that it tasted the same as what she had back in Korea!


Need help/services? They are always a bell away~~

The 3 of us couldn’t even finished our food!
Korea BBQ set(comes along with a Kimchi soup, additional beef slides & Tteokbokki)..

This is the total price of our bill :

Here’s the address & photo of the name card:

No.185 Jalan Sri Pelangi Taman Pelangi, 80400 , 81300 Johor Bahru

If you were to take a cab from City Square, the ride is about 5-7mins(which cost less than RM8), around the same timing as heading over to KSL/Taman Sentosa(大马花园).

Give me a comment if you had tried this before! ^^



2 thoughts on “[Food Review] 食客 Shik Gaek Korean Family Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

    1. yyann

      Nice entry too! something’s wrong with my photo i guess.. )=

      But I love 食客! 老板也很亲切! ^^



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