2012 Seoul Fashion Show [Dominic’s Way]

Apart from Hallyu wave, Korea is well known for their fashion as well.
People from all ages are always excited for the yearly Fashion Show events, and I’m glad that I managed to grab a ticket with much help from a korean friend. =D

She was telling me that a lot of the locals(epscially teens & adults) are even willing to grab tickets from the black market just to see the latest fashion style that will be presented in the shows.
(Well, I guess outer beauty does holds an important factor for the koreans!? I do note that many of them will be well-dress in whatever occasions. ^^)

For this year, the Fashion Shows are held over at Olympic Park in Seoul. There are many tentage being built just for the show. ^^

Look at the queue despite it was raining heavily! I was even an hour early for the show.. =/

Guess I was lucky to see quite a number of Fashionists who attended the same show as me, and Beast (B2AST) was in the same event too. *beams*
But well, my focus wasn’t on them. =P

Instead, it’s all on …….

Park Jung Min

잘생겼다~ ㅋㅋㅋ!!

Here are the 2 fancams that I took during the 20mins show.

It was quite a pretty fast show.
And there’s freebies along if you attend the show itself! =D

7k won(SGD$8) per ticket for a 20mins show.
I guess it’s definately a new exposure to me. ^^



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