2011 October Seoul Trip Part I

I know this post had been delayed for at least 4months, and I’m only posting up even after my 2012 Seoul Trip. *HAHAHA*

Well, I would say that the October trip was really a last minute decision for me as the intention has NEVER crossed my mind to head over to Korea so soon.
But looking back now, I’m glad I DID made the right choice and head over for that short 6days trip. I guess it’s really one of the rare experience that a new fan girl like me can ever have, not only fangirl-ing sight, but as well as the shopping and meeting up new friends as well. (=

Yeah, lonely me as I’m the last person to head over to Seoul compare to the other girls. )=

12.2kg for Seoul’s Autumn, a little too much. =/

Took a transit in HongKong and met Cat to travel to Seoul together~

Jung Min says : “안녕하세요, Welcome to Seoul~”

Feeling a little hungry while waiting for the Airport Limousine bus, thus I decided to grab a bottle of their famous 바나나 우유(banana milk). 대박!!

Heading towards Myeongdong? You can take bus 6015! (10k won per ride)

OR if not, check out the the website for more information on route for the bus. –>

1)  http://www.airportlimousine.co.kr/route/route_eng.htm
2) http://www.airport.kr/iiacms/pageWork.iia?_scode=C1203010400

If not you can try to take AREX airport Train(4k won) and transfer to their subway line as well.


I’m much lucky to share accomodation with unnie(s) that arrived much earlier. We were staying in Han Suites (located at Chungmuro Station(Line 3), about 5mins walk away from Myeongdong Station too!)

*Hotel Photos credit back to ChipyChapy

As I’m mention that this is a trip to Korea more of a “fangirl” mode, thus the focus more would be attending events and I was glad to have a chance to attend korea Musical shows too! *beams*

And wonder who’s comeback did we went for?

Yeah! Non other than Kim Kyu Jong (SS501) !!!!

More photos and updates coming up soon!
Stay tuned~ ^^



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