2011 October Seoul Trip Part II (Korea Musical ‘궁’ Show)

Apart from dramas, Koreans do enjoy watching musical shows as well. Back in S.Korea, you can always see advertisements promoting on upcoming or on-going musical shows on tv, subway stations and radio stations.
(PS: Bringing your date for a musical show in Korea is very a common scene as well! ^^)
So, how could I miss such a chance to catch a korea musical, isn’t it? =PMoreover, the main actor was Kim Kyu Jong.
(There are a lot of times, idols/actors/actresses particiate in Musical shows)

For 3nights(YES! I watched 3times!!), I had spent at least 3hours each day at The National Museum of Korea (Inchon) to catch this awesome musical.
Here are a few clips of the promotions of ‘궁’ Musical from Organizer (Group 8) Youtube.

(PS: If I’m not wrong, the above video was one of the show back in Kyoto, June2011)

Isn’t it cool? Tell me, how could I ever give the musical a miss since I’m a fan of ‘궁’ Tv Drama fan a few years back as well~ =P

Sharing with you guys one of the show scene clip from Devildenise‘s trip back in Kyoto, when she went to support Kyu Jong~

Let’s get back to the topic. I was excited to attend a musical show, moreover it’s over in Korea.
This is what I saw upon reaching the entrance.


Tonnes of rice packs donated by Fanclubs of Kyu Jong, both overseas and locally~
(Usually, fanclubs will show their love and support for an idol in donating the rice packs, which would be donated out under the idol’s name when the entire show had ended. This is such a nice act, isn’t it? ^^)


This is my first ticket show! (YEAH~)

**Check out Interpark for more musical shows! (=

Kim Kyu Jong aka Prince Lee Shin. (=

Add up 2more clips of the Musical Curtain Call from Devildenise.




This was how the  Theatre looks like.
There’s 2 level inside actually. =/

After the show, we were sitting outside of the hall to have a peep at some other casts that were involved in the show as well. Apparently, most of them are very friendly and willing to take a picture and signed on our musical pamphlet as well! (^o^)

Have a guess who signed on my ticket? =P (Not Kyu Jong~)



Yoo Joon~  (one of the member from Triptop)

(He was acting as Prince Sung Yul in the show as well)


And this is 은선 언니. (Acting as the Prince’s grandmother).
She communicates with us in chinese and we followed each other on twitter too!! (=

Some might think it’s crazy catching the same show for 3times; but I felt otherwise. Talking about story plot, the music line-ed up, the equiments props and stage which was really good. If i’m given a chance, I would love to watch it over again! Trust me, even if your korean isn’t good/doesn’t even understand korean language at all, you’ll ultimately understand the show at the end of the day as well. (=

I shall end this entry of my wonderful experience attending a Musical show in Korea here.
Part 3 of the entry would be talking about Music Show(Music Core in MBC) in Korea.

안녕~ ^^



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