2011 October Seoul Trip Part III (Music Core)

Nowdays, it’s hardly for a fan to enter the Music Shows in korea without being a member in the Fanclub.
Yes! I mean Official Fanclub of the artist(s)!

If you were ask me how to attend music shows, I would really say it’s a messy situation to do so. (But oh well, we wouldn’t mind if you were there to support them, right? =P)
Thank goodness that even though I have yet to receive my card back in October, my friends actually suggest me to print-screen and capture all our details in the official fanclub site and print it out.


Address for MBC Dream Centre (Music Core Recording Studio) :

경기도 고양시 일산 동구 장항동 869번지 일산 MBC드림센터.

MBC Dream Center #869, Janghang-dong, Ilsan-gu, Goyang-si, Kyeonggi-do Korea

By Subway : Line 3, Jeongbalsan (정발산) station (top left hand corner in your subway map);  10mins walk away from the station

Most important items needed to enter these shows:
1) Membership card of the Fanclub
2) Their latest album
3) Basic Korean (you definately need that!!)

Ignore the half sleepy and retard me. Yup, this is MBC Dream centre.

Okay, this is how the recording queue system works:
Basically, report to the leader/in-charge(usually is the first person in the queue at your artist board). She will write your name down on a notebook and tell you a specific time to report back for roll-call(s). (yes! they go by names roll-calling) If you miss it, the queue number given to you will be struck off and you’ll need to RE-QUEUE!!!


IF there’s no one standing at the fanboard, this is where your basic korean is needed.

Photos credit back to K-snaps

The fanclub leader/in-charge will paste such notes on the floor OR tree trucks nearby. So basically, you will have a send an mms to the number provided with the photo taken and your names to them. (to prove that you’re there) and be back at the timing stated for the ro-call. (messy, isn’t it? I understand. =/)



Yup, this is the time-check for the Fanclub leader/in-charge to head count all the people. (Please x3, dont miss it or else no one will be able to help you. This system is created in-order to create fairness for everyone)


while waiting, why not some selca?ㅋㅋㅋ


After this 1st time roll-call, you will be given free time to loiter around and be back AGAIN for final roll-call. But well, some fans might find it a hassle and decided to sit and queue instead.


The queue for SuJu(A-cha’s Comeback), B1A4 and Boyfriend was really long….

We decided to head over to Western Dom Mall (behind MBC DC) for a filling lunch instead. And guess what we saw!

The admins of HESTORY(Korea FC for Kyu Jong) doing the food support for him!!


so sweet~ (^o^)


Managers Oppa came down to collect the food support


Back to lunch. Michelle unnie(from HK) introduced us this Shabu Shabu restaurant and it’s good!


We rushed back to queue for our roll-call to get our numbers written on the wrist.

System works like this –>
S1 – 10 = Group 1 – queue no. 10 (requirements : CD, Fanclub card/details/ Hp ringtone etc..) (if you’re lack of 1 item, you will drop to the next group)

Yeah, we lack of Hp ringtone… )=
But we were lucky that Kyu Jong doesn’t have pre-recording session, thus almost all of us have a chance to get in to watch the entire Live Recording instead~ =D

Another selca while waiting for the start of “Live Recording” of Music Core.


A cute sticker card given by TingTing. (A taiwan fan)


If you ain’t aware, photography are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED  inside the recording studio. You can try your luck(which I strongly warn you not do) as the guards have really sharp eyes and they will DELET everything inside your camera SD card (YES! Including those NOT related to the recordings); provided you’re lucky. IF NOT, you will be pulled out of the recording studio and be banned.
Well, I doesn’t want to take a risk and decided to enjoy the entire recording process instead. ^^ (Yes, it’s also where I gain-ed a new love here. HAHAHA)

My POV: Well, I got to admit that it’s really tiring even though we’re lucky not to sit and queue like other fans. But the waiting time is really the killer. Once is enough. Second time? I might consider HARD or give it a miss.

Being a THANKYU fan, I got this as my Christmas from Kim Kyu Jong. ^^


Will post 2 more entries for my 2011 Seoul Trip before I start my 2012 Seoul Spring Travelogue.

안녕~ =D



2 thoughts on “2011 October Seoul Trip Part III (Music Core)

    1. yyann

      Hi Cecilia,

      Actually, it depends on the fanclub of the idol as there are different procedures.
      But in most of the cases, yes, you need a FIX Korean address and korean mobile no. to register into the official member fanclub and this could be a hassel.



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