[Directions] Bongchu Jjimdak(봉추찜닭) – (Myeongdong Branch)

This is my favourite and well-known Bongchu Jjimdak(know as Andong Chicken) introduced by Denise unnie during my last trip!
I’m glad that I had this for my very first meal in Korea back then! ^^

What is Bongchu Jjimdak?

Bongchu-jjimdak (Bongchu-style seasoned and simmered chicken) is a dish that originated in the Gyeongsangdo Andong region long ago, and has now been turned into a fusion dish seasoned with spicy sauces to fit the tastes of the people. To make jjimdak, you first add pre-cooked chicken, extremely spicy peppers, mushrooms, carrots and other vegetables, and finally Chinese noodles (thin noodles made of starch). The dish is then simmered to perfection at a high heat.

Bongchu-jjimdak blends the flavors of chicken, spicy peppers, and a sweet soy-based sauce to create a uniquely tasteful dish. The enormous plate takes up almost half of the table holding abundantl amounts of chicken, noodles, potatoes, and other ingredients. The chicken, noodles, and potatoes are thoroughly marinated in the spicy sauce for an addictive taste that you will want to experience again. Try the dongchimi (water-based kimchi with radishes) for added flavor.
[info credit to VisitKorea]

Look at those chunks of potatoes, carrots and cucumber!! And there’s glass noodles hidden in-between the chicken as well!

(2nd photo credit to Visit Korea )

This is seriously a HUGE portion!! I remembered we had 6 of us sharing it, yet we can’t finished it at all! (We ate it without rice!! )


The table next to us(2 korean men and a lady) ate the same portion with a bowl of rice. =X

Cat and I posing happily with our Food.  ㅎㅎㅎ
It’s so rare for us to meet up; thank goodness we head over to Korea at the same time! *hooray*

For your info, the shop ONLY have this item in their menu.
Price range from:
– 22,000KRW (S) portion for 2-3pax
– 30,000KRW (M) portion for 3-5pax
– 36,000KRW (L) portion for 5-7pax

Rice cost at 1,000KRW each.


Bongchu Jjimdak, Myeongdong
Address: 25-2, 2-ga Myeong-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02-318-6891
Operating Hours: opens daily from 1100 to 2300

Website: http://www.bongchu.co.kr (only available in Korean)

I have many friends who always couldn’t find this store as Myeongdong seriously can be a maze at times. I even got lost a couple of times over there.

Directions from yyann :

– Alight from Myeongdong Station (Line 4), Exit 8
– Walk straight till you see the small alley on your left and turn in. (Alley is inbetween a Family Mart and Crown Bakery
– Walk all the way straight (about 7mins walk) and the store is on your left.
(PS: Opposite the store is a shop selling cheap facial and home products.)

(photo credit back to fourleggedfoodies.bs)

This is how the front view of the shop
Enjoy the chicken!!
ahhh! I miss this chicken already. Why isn’t it available in Singapore’s korean restaurant. >=



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