Random Photo Post

I was tidying my photo albums and I realized I have sooo much things to blog, yet I doesn’t know where I should start from. )=


I shall make a random Photo post; with a few photos taken from Nov’11~ Feb’12.

생일 축하 하네, 동생..

Polkadot Luggages!!! *loves*

Thanks Twinnie for the little gift from Paris! ^^

Happy Birthday, Mummy & Daddy~ ^^

Christmas Gift from Coll~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Thank you Night out Clique~

One of the drinking session w dessert! *slurp*

Crossing the bridge alone to do some “make-over”

Abalone noodle in JB~

Annyeong, curly fries~ ^^

My very first Kpop concert in Singapore.. Hello Super Junior~ (=

Soju.. The drink that you will not get drunk..

Childhood sweets..

The girls who I spent my Valentine with.. =D

GG’s little dragon girl~ (=

Cute tote bag from sister!

Our Love for Kim Kyu Jong’s Birthday & Taiwan Fanmeet gift!

(Done via SG Noonas, with thanks from Sticky)

Till Then!



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