Thank you Fandom, Thank you Park Jung Min.. (=

This post is dedicated for 6 people; who share and walked the fandom world since I started! ^^
I’m way too thankful to know them, and words are beyond description as they are always the one whom share the ideas with, even though i’m always the Maknae~



Thank you for all the fun time!
BKK was definately the very first trip we spent together, rushing against time just to catch a glimpse of “him” to satisfy our eyes. *ㅋㅋㅋ*
But we enjoyed other time like shopping & munching yummy food as well.
I do hope we will have more trips in the future as the amount of people is growing as well! =D

Thank you for everything! I love you unnies!! ^^

PS: I not going to type who is who in this photo, so guess yourself for those who doesn’t know. =P

Secondly, Tukka언니

Really thanks to JungMin, we met again.
언니 is really a thoughtful and nice person to talk. I’m so glad that we turn closer not only due to fandom! (=
고마워요~ I’ll see you soon again in Singapore this June! SHINHWA? hahaha!

Lastly, this is really my <33, Cat ~~

我爱你啦!! (^o^)

Thank you pretties!!

PS: I post this entry is becuase…

07May’2011 is the day where ALL of us gather for this dude –>

THANKS to him, we got closer! (=


So, who says fandom fans only get “HIGH” together and depart after that?

At least we did not, instead, I found true friendship within fandom, sharing NOT only things related to kpop, but in our personal life as well. (=




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