10 Interesting Facts about Korea [Buzz Korea]

Friends and relatives were much envy that I had a super long trip back to Korea. Most of them were asking me if most of the scene in drama(s) were the same as reality; my answer is 50%-50%.

Shall post a short entry of 10 interesting facts I had noticed after having 3 trips down to Korea~ (^0^)

1) Beauty products are everywhere!

It’s true.You can purchase not only those products over at Myeongdong area. It’s literally EVERYWHERE!

Koreans do make an effort in taking care of their skin, thus this could be part of the reason why facial products are cheap over there!
If you take a walk along the street of Apgujeong, you can find many beauty saloons like facial, hair and even plastic surgery clinics!
(ㅋㅋㅋ..I can’t believe it’s so cheap..temptation much?)


I’m just kidding about the caption; but the photos are R-E-A-L.
The photos above only picture stairs from the tap-card station level to the ground level! You need to climb the same flight once you get out of your train to the tapping card gate station too! =X

I remembered that Unnie(s) did warned me before my very first trip to Korea that there are stairs EVERYWHERE! And it’s really true!
Even in Subways too!

Even escalators as well. (-.-”
What about out of the station?

You judge yourself.
PS: Someone asked me if there’s any lift available. Yes, but I doubt you even use it because…
EVEN the ahjussi(s) and ahjumma(s) were climbing the stairs.. Oh well! =O

3) Steep slopes?

Climbing those stairs were just like the side dishes(banchan).
Slopes(steep slopes to be exact) are everywhere in Korea as well~~~
Well, I admit that I had a hard time for the first two days as well.. *HAHAHA*

One of the steep slope(s) in Kyunghee University(경희대학교) where I tripped as well. =/

So now you know why the ladies (esp SNSD) in Korea have such slim and tonned legs! =D
(Korean ladies are always on HEELS anytime, anywhere too!!)

4) Random Selling in the Subway

[photo cr: sendmetokorea.bs]

I had seen a couple of times that someone would randomly push in the push-cart and start doing their sales on the train. I was shocked at first, but my friend told me that it’s consider a way of living for some of the older people. You can purchase it from them on the train as well.


5) It’s OKAY to eat & drink on the subway

Of course we ain’t talking about eating a full meal. You could just grab a sandwich on your hand with a a cup of coffee/banana milk and eat it on the train. Snacks & drinks vending machines are located in the train station as well.
This is how I managed to grab a quick breakkie on the train while having long rides! How I wish we could munch on the train in SG as well. )=

**But do take note to clean the mess if you spill it. Koreans are particular on this and they love cleanliness in their country as well.

6) T-money HP Chain

FYI, T-money is like a subway card. But over in Korea, they have cuter ways like making it to such cutie handphone chain instead.Say goodbye to old fashion card type..(BOOHOO!)
T-Money acts like a cashcard, you can choose to top up an amount and use it on transportation, paying your item in Family Mart and even on Taxi rides too! =D
How convenient isn’t it?

PS: Just FYI, such T-money chain could only be used in Seoul or certain cities.
Not applicable to ALL cities!!

7) Mini eatery in Lotte SuperMart?

Yes! I was shopping in the Lotte Mart in Seoul Station the other day and decided to grab a quick meal in there as well. Just a set of Mandu Ramen set only cost me 4,000KRW! (talking about SAVINGS!!) ㅋㅋㅋ

8) DIY and EMS back your items @ Post Office

I have no ideas for other country but back in Singapore, If you were to send big boxes to somewhere via EMS, all you have to do is just dump/pack your items into the box and the staff will taped nicely and settled everything for you.

But in Korea, you just got to do everything yourself.
I had a fun time buying my box, taping it and packing everything from scratched! (Or should I say, a hard time packing 32KG worth of food, cosmetic, CDs and shopping loots into this 2 big boxes?)

**Boxes are range from 300KRW to 2,000KRW. (mine cost 1,900KRW each)
There are tables, scissors, tapes and markers provided for you to work on your things too. ^^

9) Cafes everywhere!

Koreans simply love coffee;  most of them I  infact.There are uncountable cafes all over on the street! Even artistes opens them too~

Normal Cafes,  Boutique Cafes,  Pets Cafe and even Cartoon Anime Cafes!

I paid a vist to Rilakkuma Cafe when I was there! ㅋㅋㅋ
But my friend got a shocked when she entered the cafe first and saw the menu on the wall….

So, kindly take note that NOT all boutique/cute cafes provide English menu. (=

PS: Koreans love Americano, and that drink really taste nicer in KR.
I wonder did they add in additional item in it.. =O

10) Tipping in Korean restaurant?

[photo cr: thegrandnarrative.wp]

Some people ask me if there’s tipping in Korea?
All I would say, what you see on the menu is exactly the price that you pay!
There’s no additional charges or tips that need to be given to the waiter as the prices includes everything.
Or at least, they don’t practise tips I suppose? =/



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