What thoughts came into your mind when you see this phrase “Once In A Lifetime” ?

Someone asked me this phrase. It reminds me of Shinhwa’s song instead.
A very meaningful song.

Once in a lifetime..
Have you chased for your dreams yet? (=

I guess I did; but wasn’t at my fullest.
I want to hit it back once again.

Wait for me! (^o^)

Back to Shinhwa. Were you at the Concert when they were in Singapore?
They were simply awesome to the max! (lalala~)
2.5hours with LIVE singing. And it’s really live! =D

Who says they can’t sing?
Look at the video below which fans removed the music to listen their live singing.

The very first batch of Kpop idols.
Looks at how much the fans love them. 4years back during their Encore concert before they went hiatus, the fans sang the song back to them.

And with the promises they hold with the fans(Shinhwa Changjos),they are back for good.

2012 Shinhwa World Tour Singapore Stop – Once in A Lifetime

ps: If its not the mic technical fault, i guess the song would be perfect.

But oh well~ Look at the Orange sea of Flags~ (=
kudos, Changjos!

Once in a lifetime Fly to the star (Fly to the star)
영원히 너의 꿈을 기억할거야(기억할거야)
Once in your lifetime 우리 그 날 위해
영원히 함께 만들어 가야할
Love for your dreams~~

돌아온 것을 환영 오빠..
너희들이 약속을 지키 과… 약속을 이행줘서 고맙다 ~
신화 만세 !!

Let’s keep walking down.
Shinhwa Must Go On. (quote from 10th Anni)



2 thoughts on “What thoughts came into your mind when you see this phrase “Once In A Lifetime” ?

    This MV also remind me of Yoobin from Wonder Girls! hur hur.
    I forget what the variety show that both Yoobin and Hyesung was in, but she ask him if he remember she took part in the MV keke!


  2. Oh yes, I think, SHINHWA is a legend, and indeed, Once in a lifetime! Super heart this song! super envy the brotherhood, the trust, the everything they shared together! How difficult to maintain a 14years (+) friendship~ legend! ❤ Minwoo Jjang! Shinhwa Jjang! 😛


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