7D6N Fun Korean Lesson Trip (By Korea Tourism Board & Kyung Hee Uni)

I was browsing the sites of Korea Universities to learn more about their Winter/Spring school lesson and this article pops out –>

Apparently Korea Tourism Board had a colleboration with Kyunghee University on this 7D6N Fun Korean Lesson Trip.

For those who are interested in the Hallayu Waves and wants to have an experience of Culture Exchange with a trip down to Korea, I think this would be a great opportunity though.

Currently Kyung Hee Univeristy is rated Top 5 University in Korea. I guess one would not only have the exposure to in learning Korean language, you would be able to make more friends(both international & locally) and having an experience of a homestay too.
KRW 570,000(est. about SGD650) is actually quite a steal though during Winter season as it includes accomodation, daily breakfast and your lessons.

I might even consider going..ㅋㅋㅋ~
(PS: Please note that Air ticket & own spendings are excluded in the package!)

For more information, please check out Korea Tourism Board or KyunHee University website. (=



6 thoughts on “7D6N Fun Korean Lesson Trip (By Korea Tourism Board & Kyung Hee Uni)

    1. yyann


      Im still uncertain about it as I have other plans like studies and work going on. I guess you’re interested in it? You can try email-ing them about this issue; and I’m sure they will be more than willing to help you too~ ^^


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