[Review] Boss BarBQ (Korean Restuarant @ Clarke Quay)

As the popularity of  Hallyu waves invading into Singapore, more and more people are looking for authentic korean restaurant to dine in. I had a small meetup dinner with the ladies as it’s also the time to have to be a mini celebration for August babies. Last minute decision to eat Korean cuisine, thus I proposed to dine in the new Korean Restaurant located at Clarke Quay. (Yes, if you had followed on my twitter/instagram lately, those korean food photos you saw were served from here!!)

We were greeted with this cute statues at the entrance.

I love the packaging of the untensils. I bet it does cost a little. =/ Excited about the menu? Shall let you guys have a peek here. =P One Selca with Sihui since shes just sitting beside me. (oh girls..ㅎㅎㅎ) Talking about the ambiance, this restaurant is a mixture of Bar and eatery thus it really cozy inside. (sorry people! We were too excited to be seated and choosing from the menu, thus I only took just 1 photo..ㅋㅋ) From what I know, there will be performance every weekend(Fri,Sat & Sun) at 11pm sharp; varity with live-band or Kpop dance. Birthday girl having Soju Lychee Martini before our dinner arrives.. Wonder what we had ordered?

1st Dish – 부대찌개 Budae jjigae (Korean Army Stew)

I guess this dish is a MUST order dish if you are dining as a big group.

2nd Dish – 어묵국 Eomook gook

(Korean Fish Cake Soup)

When I see this dish was on the menu, immediately I shouted that I want to order this dish! This dish was my ‘life-saver’ back in Korea during my trip back in March.(more like a dish to keep me warm..HAHA) A common street food dish, but you hardly can find these fish cake in singapore though. And the ladies agreed with me that this dishh is really delicious!!

3rd & 4th Dish – 해물 떡볶이 & 파전

(Seafood Ddeokbokki & Seafood Pancake)

We were really speechless for both dishes. The seafood is really fresh and generous. 1 word –대박.

5th Dish – 양념 치킨 (Korean Boss Fried Chicken)

Don’t get deceived by the look! It may look simple, but this taste so much nicer that KFC or Popeye chicken. Sadly, we chosen the original instead of the spicy because we ordered another killer dish.

Last Dish – Spicy Cheese Chicken 

Spicy Lovers alert! This dish might be a challenage for you. The aftermath spiciness really can kill. Most of us were tear-ing and gulping down ice water every other bites. (Except the crazy SiHui). You can take up the challenge and give this a try if you’re there. (>_<)

We were happy ladies that night! (Photos credit back to Emily unnie)

Bill came up SGD200+, relatively average for a restaurant located at Clarke Quay area; for a group of 7paxes. Here’s the name card for your reference. It’s located on the left side, beside Rebel Club entrance if you were alighted from the Taxi Stand. (YES! It’s was once Yellow Jello in the past.) I will be be back again for drinking session with unnie next weeek. Check it out soon~ ^^ xoxo, yyann


3 thoughts on “[Review] Boss BarBQ (Korean Restuarant @ Clarke Quay)

  1. grace

    hi i’m planning to go there next fri for the dj. may i know what time did you guys stay until that time? also, is the food portion huge?


    1. yyann

      Hi, just FYI this is a pub/bar, not club. (=
      I stayed till around 2 the other time for some chill session with my friends though. The food portion was alright and quite filling actually. I would recommend to order a few different dishes to share.(=


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