All That Skate Summer 2012

Talking about Figure Skating in South Korea, Kim Yuna(김연아) will be the first person came to the mind of a korean, whom the entire nation is proud of who she is.

Gold Medalist for Ladies Single(Figure Skating) in 2010 Winter Olympic Games, where Korea get the very first Gold medal for Figure Skating in Winter Olympic.(putt aside Speed Skating in Winter Olympic)

And Guess what?

I’m going to MISS(YES! AGAIN) the All The Skate Summer 2012! It’s the 2nd show this year in Korea and I guess my fate with this skating event is just so far away~

All That Skate Spring 2012 was held during May, and it was only announced days later after I purchased my ticket for the trip. (-.-”
I was feeling so DAM devastated at that point of time but I just couldn’t do anything.

Hightlights of the programme :

Top notch figure skaters/team will be performing as well.
Patrick Chan(he’s 1 of my fav. too!), Joannie Rochette, Laura Lepisto, Brian Joubert, Stephane Lambiel.

Not only that! Even Guest performance are participating as well. Park Jimin & Lee Hayi will be participating, as well as Korean Actor Kim Byung Man will be performing (AGAIN!) ‘Tarzan Stayle’. (read here).
Talk about Byung Man, I simply LOVE  his performance back in Kiss & Cry!!!
He’s definitely one guy that I respected in that entire season show!

So what are you waiting for?
Pali get your tickets now if you are in Korea~

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show.

Tickets are still available at Interpark !

PS: For those watching, I hope to see fancam~ ㅋㅋㅋ! =p



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