Annyeong Seoul Korean Fair 2012 (3rd – 9th Sept)

Are you having an unplanned weekend?

No worries! Annyeong Seoul Korean Fair is back at Bukit Banjang Plaza again this year, from 3rd Sept – 9th Sept. (I know i’m a little late in this entry.. =/)

Annyeong Seoul | Korean Fair
Venue: Bukit Panjang Plaza @ 1 Jelebu Road 677743
Date: 3rd to 9th Sep 2012 (Mon – Sun)
Time: 10:30 am to 9:30 pm

I headed over to the fair on Monday evening to have a peep and took a few photos as well. Well, I would say that there are much more stalls and items selling compare to last year. (^o^)

Albums, Magazines, Official merchandises, Some korean books & Dictionaries ~

Food & Snacks ~

Clothings & Accessories! some mini shopping for the ladies..

PS: pardon for the resolution. Guess I didn’t check the photos properly.. =/

During the upcoming weekends, there are also a series of activities line-up over at the fair itself.

Want to know more about the activities? Check out Annyeong Seoul site –> Annyeong Seoul

Greedy me, I bought 2 big packs of home-made Kimchi (1box for $8, 2 for $15) and a box of 떡 (korean rice cake dessert) as well~

Have fun people~ ^^



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