[Food Review] Paris Baguette Cafe in Singapore

For those who frequent Korea will get to know about this bakery store; while others might think that this is a brand new bakery from French. Paris Baguette origins from Korea back in 1986, aiming to produce French classic bread and confectionery products. And you’re not wrong, they are affiliate with SPC Group. YES! I do admit I love their pastries back in Korea and I’m glad they’re having the very first store in SG. I had personally made 2 trips down, once to get some take-away while once to sit in and enjoy the brunch.

I do quite like the open concept viewing gallery of the store, but I got to say it’s a little messy while queuing to order and making the payment. Do hope the management would do something about it though. (>_<)


Plain Ciabatta 

I’m a carbo lover(especially comes to bread) and Ciabatta will always be the very first item I’ll try in the cafe if they offer. I simply love bread that is soft inside and this bread is seriously good!! No joke! Never judge this bread by it’s cover! =P

Tomato Asparagus

My mum loves this tiny bun and there’s another mushroom version; which she ate it before I could even snap a photo of it..(ㅠ.ㅠ) I would say the vegatable were fresh and it doesn’t taste too creamy too. Great snack for people who are on diet I suppose? =P

Sausage Cheese Bread

Crispy bread filled with melted cheese and sausage, doesn’t it look tempting enough? xD

Power Berries Royal Pudding

If you’re someone who loves something not to sweet and wee bits of sour taste, this would be the perfect dessert. Seriously, I would prefer this taste compared to the other 2 flavours though(Original Vanilla & Mango). For those who doesn’t know, this pudding actually origins from Passion 5 in korea, Not Paris Baguette. Passion 5(in korea) is actually a premium dessert café & gallery opened by SPC Group. Sadly; photos were not allowed in the cafe, thus I didn’t have a chance to snap any photos when I paid a visit to the cafe. Check out other blogger’s entries here and here about Passion 5.

Dine In

Had a super hard time to get my butt a seat during the weekend afternoon when both Alison언니 and I decided to give the brunch and dessert a try.

Scrambled Egg Brioche Brunch

This was soo good. I could still remember the taste! *hungry* Eggs were fluffy and I guess this portion is the only one that was consider huge among the other available options? (Or am I a small eater? hm..)

Paris Baguette Club Sandwiches

Looks good but taste a little disappointing to me though. Not really varies with the amount I paid for. I could simply give this a miss and grab the sandwiches at the counter instead.

Fruits Patbingsoo (팥빙수)

I have no cravings for red beans that day, so we ordered the fruits version instead. Basically Patbingsoo back in korea is like the taiwan version of Shaved Iced dessert. This taste good as they had added in a little frozen yogurt and sweetened condensed milk with it. =D

Raspberry crepe (Oh My Baby Crepe)

Did you count the layers? I did. There were a total of 11 layers though. The crepe does not taste too creamy and thus you’ll not get sick of the taste. I guess the crepe cake would be better if the crepe is sightly thinner a bit. =/ Maybe it’s just my taste-bud problem.. How could I give the coffee a miss when I’m in a cafe?


Yeah, I had Americano with 1/4 of syrup. Guess the price about the same as I paid for it in starbucks? Guess I still prefer the style of Paris Baguette(take & go) back in Korea. But well, I will be back to try the food again of course! (^o^)

Paris Baguette Singapore
435 Orchard Road (Wisma Atria)
#02-48 to 53
Tel: +65 6836 2010, +65 6836 3010



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  1. Sephylis

    Hahahah can you tell me the app you’re using to add your name to the photos? Is it a Line app? cos there’s the Line emoticons


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