Tim Hwang “INTO ASIA COMES TIM’S WORLD” Singapore Fanmeet Showcase

Korea’s legendary “Prince of Ballads” is finally coming to Singapore! Anyone’s up with me to catch him live? ^^
I know many people might not know who is he, but I’m definately sure you had heard his songs featuring on the Drama OST before. (eg. 49Days,Secret Garden, A Thousand Kisses,Queen of Reversal)

49 Days OST- 팀(TIM) – 안되니 (Can’t it be me?)

Tim (팀) – 이별을 배우다 [Queen of Reversal]

And of course! His debut song Saranghamnida was covered by Kpop artist(SuJu’s Ryewook) before too~

Tim’s Special Edition of 사랑합니다

My favourite hits of his? I guess I would choose River Flows in You & 가끔씩 눈물이 나죠.

I can’t believed he’s coming Singapore for a Showcase!!!


Date: 29th November 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Singapore (50 Cascaden Road)


Ticket price : S$68 (+$3 booking fee per ticket) inclusive of one non alcoholic drink (Freestanding event)
Ticketing agent: Event Clique https://tickets.eventclique.com/leapims
Tickets sales will be starting from 5pm onwards from today, Friday (5th Oct)!!!

So those who enjoyed ballad songs like me, I guess you wouldn’t want to miss this chance eh? =D

PS 1: I wish I can see Tim singing girl group songs like this on the day.. *HAHA*

PS 2: Do you know Tim could play Saxaphone, Drums, Piano and Guitar as well?
Woosh! I think guys who play Saxaphone are sexy! hahaha! =P



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