2012 Korean Film Festival in Singapore

I was browsing the site and randomly found that there is a Korean Film Festival going on this year! (2nd year as Luna Film had started this event last year though. =/)
I suppose they are going to set it as a yearly event where they would bring in a few of the local “HIT” movies over to share with the locals.

This year’s theme would be ‘Romantic Korea‘.
And the 4 movies that would be screening are :

1) Architecture 101 – 건축학개론 (2012 movie)

The film tells the story of two students who meet in an introductory architecture class and fall in love. The story unfolds 15 years later, after the girl tracks down her first love to seek his help in building her dream house. continue to read here. (extract from wiki)

You might recognised famous actresses Han Ga-In, Lee Je-hoon(acted in Fashion Kign as well), and Suzy from Miss A is acting as Yang Seo-yeon(in the past) as well.
Have a peek at the trailer below.

2) Sunny(써니) (2011 film)

Sunny is a South Korean film about a middle-aged woman who tries to fulfill her friend’s dying wish of reuniting their group of high school friends. The film alternates between two timelines: the present day where the women are middle-aged, and the 1980s when they were in high school. continue to read here. (extract from wiki)

Any familiar face?
Yes, I saw Kang Sora in it..
This is one of the movie that she acted and get awarded if I’m not wrong.

3) Couples 커플즈 (2011 movie)

This is a comedy movie though. (read it here)

4) My Secret Partner (2011)

A screenplay writer Jun-seok and a famed chef Hee-sook, each of them starts having sex with their own students, respectively with Yeon-hui and Min-soo on purpose for inspiration! Each of their wild and secret relationship surprisingly gives continuous inspiration to them. These two couples try to be physically affectionate even in public areas to draw more inspiration. While all Jun-seok needs from the relationship is finish his screenplay to make his splendid comeback, all his student-turned-secret lover Yeon-hui desperately wants is win a prize at the screenplay competition. Also, while Hee-sook tries to get in her second prime, her young lover Min-soo works to develop his great recipes. Will their controversial relationships indeed fulfill their needs?

Eh..I think the last show would be a M18 show? LOLS!

These movies will be shown over at Shaw Theatres Lido and tickets available for sales already I guess.

Look at the dates below :

7th Nov Wed- 7.30pm opening – Lido 4
Film – Architecture 101 (TBA)
Run time – 118min

8th Nov Thu – 7.30pm Lido 7 (110 seats)
Film – Couples
Run time – 110min

9th Nov Fri- 7.30pm Lido 7 (110 seats)
Film – Sunny
Run time – 124min

10th Nov Sat – 7.30pm 7 Lido 7 (110 seats)
Film – Sunny (2nd screening)
Run time – 124min

10th Nov Sat- 9.00pm Lido 5 (162 seats)
Film – My Secret Partner
Run time – 120min

For other information, do check out Korean Film Festival 2012 “Romantic Korea” Facebook. (click on the link)

POV: I’m actually attracted to Architecture 101 & Sunny. Anyone up for it as well? (#^.^#)



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