buzz Korea Application [Touch Korea Tour]

Have you ever wish that if there’s is an application that would map out a route in planning your trip?
Or there is an application for you to search for information that could answer to your queries like a Wikipedia page?

Fred Not!!!
buzz Korea had just officially launched such application(both on IOS & Android) last Tuesday(30th Oct), during the Awards Ceremony!

buzz Korea App

What/How does this application all about?

buzz Korea App is a mobile app that works like a foursquare. Whenever a user ‘check-in’ at the particular location in Seoul/Busan(or wherever you’re in Korea), you could save the spot and write in certain comments on it. Be it in a restaurant, Guesthouse or even street-food stalls!

What is this K-Spot/K-Tour all about?

This is a place for you to ‘check-in’ places where you could meet your favourite artists like YG/SM/JYP Entertainment. If not, you could even locate and ‘check-in’ to shops that were open by artists (eg. K-story, Kona Bean, Time-Out Gelato etc..)

For this site, you could make a quick itinerary route and plan as you go!
Spot the location and design the route as you planned! No more fussy planning of those old-fashion way of itinerary that you need to follow all-day long. *BOO~~*

PS: Best thing! Whenever you ‘check-in’ to buzz Korea app, you gain 10-points to your account in buzz Korea too! =D


buzz Korea has an event for you guys AGAIN! (Yes!  awesome right? ^^)

Event 01- make Your K-Tour Dreams Come True!

(Simply post your travel plans of where you want to visit in Korea and you might be the winner of a free trip to Seoul!)

Event 02- Your Best Moments in Korea

(If you have the K-spot registered on the buzz Korea app, Thank God! All you need to do is to post a picture on that ‘Spot’ and shared with other buzz Korea memebers! )

Check out the event on their site here!

Don’t say that I did not share with you guys about this free chance to win something~~
So hurry! Don’t miss this chance! (#^-^#)



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