[Touch Korea Tour – Gangnam Style] A Visit to MBC Dream Centre, “Music Core ‘LIVE’ Show”

Most of you got to agree with me that K-pop is currently the hottest Topic in Korea, isn’t it?
With the recent hot title track of “Oppa, Gangnam Style” from PSY, K-pop has eventually step a level up from the past as well.

Thanks to Buzz Korea and Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), the 12 of us are going to pay a visit to MBC Dream Centre to watch Music Core ‘Live’ Show!
(Yes Yes Yes! I do know that I had blogged an entry and went for a show before. But this time round, it’s a BIG different!! A rare chance was given to us this time round to be seated and watch the show from pre-recording till end of ‘Live’ Show!)

A screencap from my ibuzz korea app! I had checked in to MBC dream centre! *YEAH* =D

Since my last visit to MBC was to give support as a fan, thus I didn’t get to explore.
Did you know that there’s a secret section for public to view and understand the history and production works by MBC?

Yes! It’s behind the purple pillar, and a small walkway into a section corner. Feel free to pay a visit during your free time if you’re there for Music Shows in the future! ^^

** Alright, please pardon me as they said No Camera(s) allowed; thus I did not bring my camera down. (ㅠ.ㅠ) **

Seems like we are early, we were led up by the MBC staffs via secret pathway and stroll near the waiting rooms. =P
Saw Brian Joo & Kang-In wallpaper and took a quick snap while our photographer caught me. *HAHA*

While waiting, the girls decided to have some selca~~

ㅋㅋㅋ..even Sujin eonnie(one of our in-charge) played along~~

And I secretly snap a few as well.. *opps*

Saw those circled cameras? Those are the different angle shots that were recording your favourite artists!

TVXQ~ ❤❤

The following are the artist that we managed to watch and cheer that day. ^^
HyunaGreen Apple + Ice Cream
B.A.PStop It
Girl’s DayDon’t Forget Me
AOA feat. MIJI – Get Out
100% Bad Boy
Orange CaramelLipstick (Remix)
miss AIf I Were a Boy + I Don’t Need A Man
AileeI’ll Show You
K.willPlease Don’t…
TVXQCatch Me

(PS: to view HD, pls change to 720/1020p manually)

Sorry guys! Seems like I had always been blogging about K-pop; do let me have a few words of Fan-account for this show:

I had always been wanting to watch TVXQ(or rather DBSK as 5) like how Cassiopeia(DBSK Fanclub) wished for as well. It’s the same feel as how Triple S(Double S501) fans feel. I got to say it was really amazing to watch both Changmin & Yunho dancing to their might, re-cording the same song and moves for 3 freaking times.
I admit I cried!! (HOHO).. But it’s sort of..tear of joy for them though.
Cassiopeia were really cheering loudly for the both of them and you can see Changmin is literally going out of breath after 2nd recording! Both of them are singing live through-out with the dance moves; and the dancers were giving out their best to give the PD the best shot too.
KUDOS to the 2men and the dancers.
Hwaiting TVXQ! Hwaiting Cassiopeia~ ^^

Back to the topic!

I had an enjoyable evening attending Music Core, Thanks to Buzz Korea and Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)~ ❤❤❤

So have you ever wonder what is Buzz Korea all about?

Buzz Korea was started back in 2011, aim to be a platform for anyone who’s interested in sharing their knowledge and interest about Korea in order to promote Korea Tourism. Over in Buzz Korea site, one would be able to share their findings/interest through blogs, SNS and even videos. I always have fun time reading what the members had posted on their site through Buzz Korea.

As time passed, KTO had merged with Buzz Korea for collaboration, creating the Touch Korea Tour Campaign; which was launched during June’2012.  3 teams(Fun/Style/Gourmet Tour) were formed to fulfil mission and share their finds in Korea. Thanks to them, I managed to participate in current Touch Korea Tour – Gangnam Style Tour as well!

So what are you waiting for? 빠른(Pali) move your mouse and click on a new Tab to Buzz Korea and register yourself as a member! It’s F-R-E-E  of charge anyway!

And remember check out their events regularly alright!

Shall end the post here. Next up will be a full post where the Tour have an adventurous day over in Paju (Provence & Hyeri Art Village)

Till then,안녕~~



7 thoughts on “[Touch Korea Tour – Gangnam Style] A Visit to MBC Dream Centre, “Music Core ‘LIVE’ Show”

    1. yyann

      Hi Linda,

      Yes! You can walk into MBC and tour around during the opening hours. ^^
      Cant really remember their opening hours but should be 9am-8pm(KST).

      Hope it helps!


      1. Linda

        Hi Yann,
        Thank you very much for your reply. I do not need to apply for any permit to enter MBC. Can I go in a group of 7 to 8 persons.


      2. yyann


        Yup. You do not need to apply any permit to tour around the building (except the recording studio)


    1. yyann


      I’m sorry, could you repeat your question again?
      MBC is a place you could enter in to see BUT not for the music live recording though.
      You need to either have the ticket(win on their website) or you need to Q with the fanclub.



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