[Touch Korea Tour – Gangnam Style] A day in Paju: Heyri ArtValley (Part II)

Heyri Art valley was constructed to blend in with surrounding structures. The local construction regulations require all buildings to be no more than three stories tall. Just by glancing at these buildings you will admire their artistry since architects constructed each building with its own unique characteristics. (Credit to KTO)



According to Jenny(our English Translator), many artists working as writers, painters, architects and musicians are gathered in this small town. Eventually, they constructed Heyri as a place of Art.

Heyri is really cool to walk about as there are many art museums, galleries and cafes. If you’re someone who loves natural beauty or spending time in a cafe sipping your cup of latte while reading a book; I would suggest this place for you~ ^^

While strolling to our destinations after our lunch…

Eriko and I took a picture with Dalki.

Buzz Korea & KTO were nice to arrange a mini workshop session for us.

Did you guess it correctly? Yeah!
We got a chance to make our very own silver necklace!

The process ain’t really tough for me since I took up Design & technology classes back in my Secondary school.

~Busy working thus no photos*

Took a short video of how Mr Yoon using the silver lining to ‘connect’ our pendant with the hook.


I had decided to work on the letter ‘E’ instead of ‘Y’ for yyann as I felt that I should use my initial name ‘Elizabeth‘ instead. ^^

Happy girls with our self-made necklace~~

A Group photo with our instructor, Mr Yoon~ (#^_^#)

And off we start strolling again to another visit to museum and 3D Trick Art Gallery~

Spotted a cute couple taking their wedding photo-shoot as well..^^

Since there’s still some time to spare before dinner, we got a chance to have a ‘race’ in Paju as well!
All of us had a chance to play Go kart! *yiippeee*

We were surprised that it’s the same location where Nichkun & Victoria had come before for WGM’s filming! =D

Off we go~

*I shall post the video up again when the official video is up by buzz Korea~*

Before we head to our next location for dinner..

Have you ever heard of ‘Gejang(게장)’?

Gejang(게장) is actually a dish that contains raw crabs marinated in either Soya Sauce or Chilli Pepper Powder.
Yes, you didn’t see it wrongly. The dish(crab meat) is R-A-W.
And according to Kang Yi, she explained that this is considered as a luxury meal for the Koreans.
They don’t feast on such items unless it’s New Year or there’s really very special occasion. *WOW*

We were off to Crabian to feast on it.

Oh I missed those side dishes! It taste really yummy!

Raw version

Cooked version (Spicy)

POV: I kind of like this dish even though the rawness is strong. If you’re a sashimi lover, I guess this dish wouldn’t be much of a problem while some might not be able to take the strong raw taste/smell.

Happy us. ㅋㅋㅋ~

Time for a rest and we got to check in Jijihyang Hotel.
(Side note: I will post an entry on all the hotels we had stayed on another entry though~)

Shall end off the entry here.
Please stay tune to all my blog entries as I will be giving away some gifts that I got from Korea during this trip!

Not forgetting, clicking on the Touch Korea Tour(Gangnam Style) icon below to visit buzz Korea website for more information too!



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