[Touch Korea Tour – Gangnam Style] Chill-Out Session in Gangnam District? (Part II)

MuiMui is being divided into two parts: the first floor is a restaurant that sells simple meals, while the second is home to Terapocha, an indoor pojangmacha (포장마차, a kind of portable tent bar/restaurant). Belying its posh, modern look on the outside, the wooden tables and chairs on the inside create a cozy ambiance enjoyed by customers of all ages, young and old. On the menu are a variety of fusion appetizers like samgyeopsal (pork belly) salad steak. Muimui’s self-brewed makgeolli has a clean, smooth taste—ideal for those who are not fond of the more astringent taste of other makgeolli—and the unique serving cups only add to the drinking experience. For creative types and alcohol connoisseurs, there’s even the D.I.Y. makgeolli cocktail (using fresh fruits) that is a new and innovative way to have fun while you drink. The bar has an indoor capacity of 200 with additional outdoor seating for up to 50. (credit to KTO)

With the strong influence of American style in Korea, there were many cafes/restaurant were built/style following the style. (This is my pov! The interior design of the restaurant makes me feel this way)

*Found blogs on Naver with more photos of the restaurant and menu here and here.

Korean Fried Chicken

(Fried chicken, Beef Tteok, Bulgogi Rice, Kimchi Fried Rice)

The taste of the food taste more like a mixture fusion of korean & western. =D
*thumbs up*

(PS: You can make your reservation on this website as well —> MuiMui Simple.ly

After dinner, we had a short stroll (within 5 mins) walk over to Pierrot Strike, which is a bowling/pub.

Since no photography is allowed in this place, all of us had fun cheering and battling among one another with our bowling skills~

Visit Pierrot Strike Facebook Page here.

So, I had introduced 4 location in Gangnam District for you guys. The schedule might look simple, but it took up probably half of your day!
Remember to gather a few friends and give Gangnam-gu a chance to explore the wonder here alright?!


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