[Touch Korea Tour – Gangnam Style] Where to visit if you in Gangnam District? (Part I)

Everyone seems to know that once one cross the Han-River to the Southern part of Seoul city, it’s known as the ‘Expensive‘ place.

But Hey!

There’s still much reasonable and affordable places to hang out in this area too! I shall talk about the time we spent in Gangnam district in this post!

(photo credit back to Raphael‘s instagram)

Oh yeah! Like what Raphael had posted in his instagram, The Real Gangnam Style!


Garosugil (Garosu Street) in Sinsa-dong is commonly called ‘Designer’s Street.’ All along the ginkgo tree-lined street are picturesque artist studios, galleries, designer clothing shops, interior design shops, and cafés. Shoppers are greeted with distinctive selections of beautiful handmade items, unique clothing and accessories, and chic interior design items. The many boutiques on the street and the surrounding side streets display a pleasantly surprising mix of imported brands and original creations by young Korean designers. Several larger shopping complexes constructed to fit the unique Garosugil ambience are expected to open in the near future. (Credit back to KTO)

If you had yet to visit Sinsa-dong, please! Include this location into your itinerary.
I used to think that I would give this place a miss since it sounds like Orchard Road(a high-end entertainment street back in Singapore); thus I had never really step over Sinsa-dong to walk about. I was so wrong!
This little place consists of so many wonderful stores to explore. No doubt that the pricing of certain stores might be marking at sky-high prices, but it’s the local designer pieces and most probably they only have up to 2 sets. (For those who dislike to wear common clothing design with other people, this place is good for you!)

Some of the location boutique and stores for shopping..

Wall-Art along the streets..

Yeah! I finally bought my first item in Seoul. *HAHA*

Some sweet shots done by PD Kim~

After walking for endless hours, we decided to take a break at this cute Rabbit Cafe.

Pretty Zhang Wen~

Photos credit back to Eriko’s blog.

Cute cupcakes that were freshly made daily by the chef.
Decided to give Blueberry & Earl Grey Cupcake a try!

*HAHAHA* Look at our ‘busy’ expression!
We were actually ‘anipang-ing’ in process.. =P

FYI, Anipang is currently the most popular game in Korea. (the craze is the same for Angry Bird)

While walking to another destination, we were spotted by SBS and had interviews along the street!

Next Location, Samsung D’light

Located within the Samsung Electronics building in Seocho-dong, Seoul, ‘Samsung d’light’ is a global exhibition space that showcases the latest product lineup by Samsung Electronics.
The three-storied exhibition space is not merely a display of electronic products, but a space of interaction that allows visitors to experience new life patterns through state-of-the-art digital technology categorized by theme. (Credit to KTO)

Upon stepping into the building, we were welcomed by many staffs and of course, Samsung products as well.

Galaxy Tab 10.1!!!


Automatic laundry machine and refrigerator! *it’s freaking cool!*

Crazy Videographer playing with us.. LOLS!

No doubt that Samsung’s Service Centre is over here as well.

Samsung Accessories anyone?!

Found a youtube introduction on the net.

After all, this is a cool experience! Do pay a visit to Samsung D’light if you’re in Gangnam area.
And of course…

I’m a happy Samsung user!
Can’t wait to upgrade my note to Note 2 LTE~ (^-^)
(PS: a shoutout to Singapore Samsung, please bring the PINK version of Note 2 LTE to SG!!!)

It’s time for dinner!
Check out the Part 2 where you could dine in and where to chill out with your company after a meal!

Stay tune!


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