[Touch Korea Tour – Gangnam Style] Fun Experience Over At Lotte World

How could one exclude Theme Park in their itinerary when it’s the most exciting place to visit when you’re in overseas?
Moreover you’re in Korea, where Lotte World Theme Park holds the World’s Guinness World Record of having the Largest Indoor Theme Park!!
(Check out Lotte World Official Site in English here.)

buzz Korea & KTO were  sweet enough to include Lotte World Theme Park in for us! *yeah*
(Lotte World has split into 2 division, Indoor and Outdoor.
Since we have not much time to spare, we only managed to visit the indoor theme park.
Remember to check out the Outdoor rides as well if you’re there! ^^)

Lotte World new ambassadors? (I’m kidding..xD)

Wonder where’s the first destination that most of us rushed forward to?

Childhood memories for all I suppose~

And the horrible Viking ship(indoor)..

*LOL*..only Phoebia is enjoying it to the fullest~

We were walking about and saw this cute mascot dude.
I just find the facial expression funny in this picture. xD

Head down to the arcade area to have some UFO catching session. Seems like lady luck is with us~

From the bird-eye view in the “Hot Air Balloon”~

Apparently the ice rink was empty after a morning session for the speed skaters(kid’s training session)!
And there’s only a lady practising her salchow jump and scratch-spin.. *Ohhh, I miss the feeling of skating on the Ice~
I’ll be back! =D


Too much fun, too little time.
I’ll be back soon again, Lotte World! =D

We were brought over to one of the outlet of Nonhyeon Samgyetang for lunch!

Excited much as it’s my first time eating Samgyetang in Korea. (I know it’s funny that I didn’t try this item in my previous trip. But hey! There’s too much food for me to try in Korea… =P)

It taste pretty good for me.

With the additional shot of soju~~ .. It’s  consider as a happy food!!

Right up after our Samgyetang, it’s time for us to head over for 2012 buzz Korea Awards Ceremony!

I know you guys are excited for that entry, photos/videos of Miss A and 2PM from me!

So do Stay Tune on this site then!

Not forgetting to check buzz Korea website(icon) for the current event as well!



buzz KOREA is an online community platform that allows users to share and upload content about Korea and its tourism. buzz KOREA members share their blog posts, photos and videos about their stories and experiences to help others discover the hidden attractions of Korea.

The “Touch Korea Tour” campaign provides participants with the opportunity to tangibly experience Korea in person. Participants of this tour travel throughout Korea, exploring the various attractions and sights of the country. In turn, they help spread other travellers find unique destinations and activities to try.


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