[Touch Korea Tour – Gangnam Style] Hotel Stay – Jijihyang Hotel (지지향) [Paju Book City]

Hello guys!
Did you miss me? =P

For today’s entry, I’m going to talk about Jijihyang Hotel (지지향) [Paju Book City], one of the hotel we stayed during our trip~

Jijihyang Hotel (지지향) over at Book City in Paju.

From the beginning, the Bookcity project was planned and established as an industrial city related specifically to books. It is intended as a place devoted to planning, producing and distributing books by well-intentioned publishers. Frequently asked questions while initiating the Bookcity project was why and for what purpose the city was being planned and built? Our answer is simple and clear: the city aims to recover the lost humanity. As such, Bookcity must be a space built for human being. Cities and its architecture are often called “mirrors of the era”. This may refer to how cities and buildings reflect the lives of mankind, especially that of urban life in its edgiest form.
(read more of its history here)

I did a google research before I went over for this trip, seems like there’s no information about this hotel except 1 review on Tripadvisor!

*Yes you’re right! There’s no information unless you search in Korean on the goggle, or on Naver. (-.-“

Well, back to the hotel. I was kind of excited to check in this hotel as we were told beforehand that there’s NO television in all the guest room in this hotel.

Reason Being??

Alright. We checked in rather late the night before..


While waiting..(Photos not taken by me, FYI)


Along the corridoor of our rooms~



(Btw, they only have a jar for you to refill your water from their water-cooler, usually near the lift area)

Like they mentioned, no television, only books.

Sadly, it’s all in korean though.

Oh well~ I did had a good night sleep over at Jijihyang Hotel.
It’s really cozy over in their rooms. (^o^)


Greeted with beautiful views early in the morning..

And they served yummy breakfast! *slurps*

(FYI, drinks(tea/coffee/milk) is free-flow from the juice counter.)

Do check out Jijihyang Hotel (지지향) website here!
(They have English option on the website, thus no worries!)

Alternatively, You can email them and make a reservation.
I remembered clearly that the receptionists can speak in rather good command of English too!

PS: For photos in this entry untag without watermarks, credit goes back to TKT member – Helen. (=


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