[Directions] Yoochun(Micky)’s TimeOut Gelato @ Apgujeong

Since I had some time off before my ‘actual trip’ started, I decided to meet the 2 twin dongsaeng for a quick-lunch and Gelato treat over at Yoochun’s shop in Apgujeong. Cassiopeia/JYJ-Fans, please note this Directions guide is done dated in 2012, November.

Time-Out Gelato Address : 580 Asia Building 1/F, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in korean -(서울특별시 강남구 신사동 580 아세아빌딩 1층 | 1st floor) Phone: +82-(2)-3448-06-04 Opening Hours : 11:00~22:30

Subway Station : Apgujeong (Exit 5)

I know there are a lot of different directions guide on the net. Trust me, Exit 5 is the nearest and shortest route to his shop! (^o^)

Once you stepped out of Exit 5, you would see the huge Shinsegae Department Shop right opposite yu. (on your right) Continue to walk straight for about 100 – 150m till the first small road junction and turn left into it.


Greeted with cute Micky Board with monthly specials..

Not a very huge store, but a cozy nice one for fans to have a break/chit-chat session in it though.. =D


Both YooChun & YooHwan photo portrait were being hang on the wall in the shop..

Of course, there’s this small little corner that displays fans gift for Micky as well!

Did you managed to spot yours? ^^

Well, I was greeted with many choices to choose from the Gelato counter as well.

we bought 2 medium cup to share among the 3 of us.

If I did not remember wrongly, it cost me about 6,000k ~ 6,500k won for a medium cup?! It can be a little pricey for some but it’s definitely worth the price! I’m not a huge fan of Gelato but I got to admit that these Gelato tasted really fresh. My favourite flavours would be the Kiwi or Mixed Berries flavours~ Get your butt off and keep this directions guide to Micky’s shop! No harm giving it a try even if you’re in Apgujeong area as well~ (^O^)


PS: I just got the news recently that the last day of Operation for the shop will be 25th April’2013.
So Sad!!!

Please give this gelato a try before it ends! )=

(cr: jjuing_xia twtr)



3 thoughts on “[Directions] Yoochun(Micky)’s TimeOut Gelato @ Apgujeong

    1. yyann

      Hi babe,

      If im not wrong, YC had opened a new cafe or something(im not too sure).
      Maybe you can try your luck there!

      I hope your dreams will come true! 😉



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