Accommodation In Korea?

“Accommodation” would always be one of the main factor that causes a headache while planning for your Free & Easy trip.

This short entry would include questions that were usually thrown to me by friends/people like:

Q1 – Where Should I stay in Korea?
Q2 – What are the type of home-stay and pricing?
Q3 – Who/Where/How do I book my accommodation?

(But do take note, this is based on MY experience, research on the net and my understandings from KR friends.)

Q1 – What are the type of homestays available?

I would say the standard living in Korea were pretty much high (esp in Seoul), thus the cheapest pricing that one would pay for per night usually would range from USD 30-45.
Of course, the considerations varies from one another. Some might prefer to stay in somewhere like a Hotel, while others might be okay to stay up in bunk/Guesthouse, sharing with other strangers.(something like backpackers hostel I meant)

The most common questions usually boomed right from the start :  WHERE SHOULD I STAY?

AND My replies usually would be “Myeongdong (明洞)“.

No doubt Myeongdong is considered as the tourists spot. You can literally get anything over at Myeongdong (food, shopping, cosmetics) as it’s considered much more “centralized” on the map and easy to travel around.
But do take note to book your accommodation at least 1-2 months in advanced as the location of these GuestHouse/hotels are usually hot-picked by many.

Q2 – What are the type of homestays and pricing?

The prices for accommodation could be rocking sky-high depending on seasons. (either Peak/Off-Peak)

Guesthouse usually range from :
25k~35k won for shared-room with OR shared toilet
35k~60k won for single/twin room with private toilet


45k~70k won (prices varies on location, host & seasons)
PS: Home-stay usually includes a meal (usually breakfast) a day.

Backpackers usually range from:

10k~30k won

Hotel & Motel:

Hotel: 60k~400k won (prices varies on location & seasons)
Motel: 25k~60k won (prices varies on location & seasons)


35k~100k won (depending on the duration/location of the house)

PS: Please note that for Goshiwon, it’s usually much more common for students heading to Korea for studies. Hosts usually will NOT entertain you if you’re staying less than 1-2 months.

Q3 – Who/Where/How to I book my accomodation?

For sites that provides email address/contact numbers, do give them a buzz and enquire about it!
GuestHouse host(s) are usually very fast and friendly in their replies; while some of them might not understand English well, do get a friend/local to call up for you. (=

For Guesthouse/Backpackers :

PS: I DID NOT stay at ANY of the guesthouse above. These were gathered through forums/ on the net.

For Home-stay :
Do check out Korea Home-stay Official Site here.

For Hotel/Motel :


PS: I had personally stayed at Han Suites before. 2 bedroom suit can fit about 6 – 7 people and the service is superb! It’s located over at Chungmuro(Line 3, Orange), 5-7 mins work to Myeongdong too!

For One Room: (in korean only)

For Goshiwon: (in korean only)

Or alternative, you guys can check our Airbnb or Windu too!
Airbnb –
Windu –

PS: I used airbnb to book my last trip. You can try email the person and negotiation the price IF you doesn’t want to pay the additional charges. Do note that this only applies if the host is okay about it. (=

Do check out these 2 sites below for more alternatives as well :

1- Zarina’s Budget Travel Guide S.K (click here)
2- Sarah in SK (Click here)

I hope that this entry would answer most of your enquiries.
Feel free to drop me a note/mail if you have more enquiries! (^o^)



5 thoughts on “Accommodation In Korea?

    1. yyann

      Hi Sarah,

      You’re welcome! There’s too much guesthouse on the net for me to list out, so i just list out a few… Maybe we should come out with a list and work it out with KTO someday.. =P




  1. Hi Elizabeth 🙂

    I stayed at Hongdae with the FUN Team last October..
    Its I Seoul Hostel…we rent family room..
    so cheap..only 22.000/person

    And I am sure Myeongdong will be a great place to stay too…
    I went there on my first trip in June…
    And you can find lots of Kpop merchandise there…
    I love it 🙂


    1. yyann


      Not a problem. Sadly I didn’t get to book your accommodation the other time as it was occupied. Hope I will have a chance to try out in my next visit though. ^^



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