All I want to say is ” Thank You, 2012″ ~

Like every other year, there’s always a post that concludes the end of the year for me.
Well, no exceptional for this year as well! (=

I promised I will keep this entry a short one! o(^_^)o

Life is always full of up and downs, people crossed by your path leaving both good and bad memories. But I’m really blessed in this year even though there’s not very nice memories hanging around as well.
I guess GOD must have pity me this kid, thus giving me so much surprises and problems to solve as well.
As I mentioned that ‘Fandom’ had set me to notice the country ‘KOREA’ a little more; no doubt I had a few ‘idols’ that I’m pretty much respected.
But as time passed, I started to take notice of other interesting finds & culture in this Kimchi-land.

– Planned a long trip with SY at the starting of the year, where we travelled and eat like the locals.
– Got to know more korean friends and KOREA history
– Started to read more news and blogging about my experience
– Got lucky and chosen to be Blog of the Year for buzz Korea & Global Seoul-Mate
– Being a participant for Touch Korea Tour (Gangnam Style Group)

Never have I ever imagined getting such prestigious award. All I want to do was to share my travelogue about Korea Tourism!
This was really a rare chance and gift to me. *감사의*

And of course! Thank you to you readers as well. (=
Without the readership emails previously, I guess I wouldn’t even bother to blog/share most of the information though.

Thank You! (^o^)

Aside from blog, friends and family were part of my strength of pillar as well.
Parents were worried about my studies but well, I’m going back to be a student soon!(This means lesser travel, but more time to blog.. =P)

*hint..another trip coming up? maybe~~~*

Siblings were encouraging and giving advices on what I needed.
Friends were forgiving due to lesser meet-up(more prone to work issues) and yeah! I’m grateful to have them around and in my life! Be it physically or mentally.
ThanKYU guys! ❤

Not going to mention names this year as I really have too many people to thank.
Those that could feel my appreciations are the ones who know me well. (=

Family.Friends.Buzz Korea Stuffs.Touch Korea Tour Team(s).

I had a happy and enjoyable 2012!

Let’s Welcome 2013 with an open arms!!
Have a funny time with your love ones while counting down tonight!

Happy 2013 New year Everyone! (=



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