Korea Accommodation? Let BnBHero be the one!


Are you someone who wish to try a Home-Stay experience in Korea?
Or do you prefer in looking for a studio apartment for you & your family during your Free & Easy trip in Korea?

Here’s a recommended site for your to book your accommodation!

(Click on the image to enter site)

BnBHero is a platform where Foreign travellers could book their accommodation at a reasonable price. (ranging from Guesthouses, Home-Stay or Apartment)

I like the concept of BnBHero website, where they categorized the accommodation into different types of stays, as well as location(eg. Myeongdong, Hongdae, Itaewon)
They even have accommodation in places like Jeju, Busan & Gangwon-do!

On top of accommodation, BnBHero provides some tours/activities booking on behalf of tourists as well.

Activities booking

Some activities includes DMZ Tour, Seongbuk City Tour, Skiing/Snowboarding/Ice Fishing (Only available during Winter Season)

Do you want to explore and eat like the locals? Check out their exclusive activity host by Steve and Emily on the site as well!

What about Payment?

FINALLY there is a site(from Korea) that you could book the accommodation via your credit cards! (usually for bookings in Korea, you need a KOREAN ID/KOREAN Credit Card!!!)

Alternatively, you can check out their FAQ on the site for more enquiries as well.

BnBHero had worked hand-in-hand with Korea Tourism Organization for travellers during 2012 Yeosu Expo and 2013 Hwacheon Ice Festival.

Check out other travellers/Expats reviews, which I had found on the net, using BnBHero to book their accommodation for their trips. Here(1), Here(2) and Here(3)

BnBHero was being featured on 10mag.com as well! (Click here)

Do Check out the Site for your accommodation booking~

Website – http://www.bnbhero.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/BnBHeroWorld



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